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To support community interest and participation in plant cultivation, the County provides a growing knowledge base full of practical horticultural resources. We also host workshops and events dedicated to furthering the understanding, appreciation and propagation of our region's natural beauty.

if you're passionate about plants, this section is for you.

Learning Library

An ever-growing horticultural knowledge base

Dutch Elm Disease
Highly specific timelines

Dutch Elm Disease (DED) affects all types of elms and is caused by a fungus that clogs the elm tree's water conducting system. The fungus is primarily spread from one elm tree to another by elm bark beetles. These beetles are active during the growing season.

Frost-Sensitive Plants
Great tips for spring planting

Plant labels often have this warning “plant after all danger of frost has passed." Each May we try to determine when that last spring frost will fall. It is often a gamble to know when those frost sensitive plants can go out. Get some great tips on when and how to plant your spring plants.

Shelterbelt Best Practices
Highly specific timelines

Traditionally, shelterbelts were multiple straight rows of trees lining a driveway or bordering farm fields. Ecobuffers, established using different planting configurations, bring additional benefits for environmental conservation. Thinking of starting a shelterbelt? Start here.

Rural Roots Farmer Showcase

An annual celebration of local-source culinary excellence

Rural Roots Farmer Showcase gives folks an opportunity to experience exceptional food and gain a better understanding of where their food comes from. This event highlights local food producers by bringing them together at the perfect venue: the George Pegg Botanic Garden.

See a recap of previous events, and keep tabs on how things are shaping up for this year's Rural Roots Farmer Showcase.

Rural Roots Farmer Showcase
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