Snowplow Program

Snow removal procedures for County-managed roadways

The County’s road maintenance program includes snow and ice control to ensure the safety of the traveling public.

Snow removal in the County is a cooperative effort at both the municipal and provincial level. On local roads, County crews tackle these duties. On provincial highways, Alberta Transportation contractors are responsible for snow removal.

Snowplow Program

Snow removal procedures for County-managed roadways

After a snowfall event, Public Works crews begin clearing snow and ice from County-owned roadways on a priority basis. It can take between 8 and 12 hours to clear priority roads, and about four days for all County-managed roads to be cleared (depending on accumulation). A larger or continuous snowfall event may extend the time necessary to clear snow from all local roads.
Purchase snowplow flags to signal snow clearance requests from County roadways to your residence.
Public Works crews are responsible for plowing range roads, township roads and subdivision roads.

The County maintains range roadstownship roads and subdivision roads. Public Works crews work to the best of their collective ability to clear roads quickly and safely following a snowfall event.

Unfortunately, the County cannot accommodate calls requesting snow removal. The priority is to clear the County's road network as efficiently and quickly as possible. Please drive in accordance to the conditions and allow for extra drive time.

Please note that Alberta Transportation is responsible for clearing all provincial highways.


Please remember that Alberta Transportation and their contractors are responsible for highways 18, 22, 33, 37, 43, 633, 642, 654, 757, 764, 765 & 777. The County has no jurisdiction over these roads.

Avoid Pushing Show Onto Roadways

It may seem harmless enough — but when you push snow across a road surface into the opposite ditch or directly onto roads, you put motorists at great risk. Vehicles that encounter ridges or piles of snow on the road can easily lose control.
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Snowplow Program

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