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A healthy horticultural program enhances the quality of County life in many meaningful ways. Whether you're a pro-level producer or an avid backyard gardener: if you're passionate about plants, this section is designed with you in mind.
Here you'll find an ever-growing library of practical, best practices horticultural knowledge. From written articles to webinars with niche expert, we seek to cultivate a collective understanding, appreciation and propagation of our region's natural beauty.

Rural Roots Farmer Showcase

An annual celebration of local-source culinary excellence

Rural Roots Farmer Showcase gives folks an opportunity to experience exceptional food and gain a better understanding of where their food comes from. This event highlights local food producers by bringing them together at the perfect venue: the George Pegg Botanic Garden.

See a recap of previous events, and keep tabs on how things are shaping up for this year's Rural Roots Farmer Showcase.

Rural Roots Farmer Showcase

Popular Agricultural Services Programs and Initiatives

Vegetation Management

Noxious Species

The County helps protect the region's agricultural productivity by controlling harmful native and introduced plant species. Private landowners are also tasked with controlling invasive species and other pests on their properties. Learn more about invasive species control here.
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Beaver Control Resources

Problem Wildlife

Each year, a variety of methods are employed to prevent beaver dams and colonies from compromising the integrity of County roads and infrastructure. Ag Services crews assists landowners who request the removal of nuisance beaver dams from their properties.
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Ag Governance

The ASB provides vital expertise and resources to help manage weed, pest, soil and water conservation programs, assist in the control of livestock diseases, promote and develop agricultural policies, and undertake projects referred to them by County Council.
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