County Connect Notifications

Stay connected. Stay safe.

The County is pleased to announce the pending arrival of its new multi-channel community alert system called County Connect. Slated to launch February 1, County Connect will allow users to create an account and opt in to receive important County news alerts (as they happen) like road closures, fire bans and other critical updates.


On launch day, this new County-managed platform will be free to use by anyone who wishes to stay informed on critical County matters. Once registered, you can configure how you wish to receive alerts (text, phone messages, email, or a combination of all three). You can also choose the types of County alerts that matter to you. Users are in control of their own accounts, and can unsubscribe from County Connect at any time.

In addition to County-specific alerts, County Connect will automatically broadcast emergency alert messages from Canada’s emergency alert system (Alert Ready). This powerful new platform is in its final stages of preparation. Check back February first and be one of the first to register!.

When you register on County Connect, it's your account to manage as you see fit. Add or delete notification sources; change your contact info; or even close the account.

Protecting Your Privacy

The personal information you provide will be used to register you for County Connect and is collected under the authority of Section 33(c), of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. The information collected on this form will only be used for the provision of the program you have registered. For questions about the collection and use of this information, please contact the County's FOIP Coordinator.

Common Questions about the County Connect Service

How much will this service cost me?
County Connect is a free service provided by Lac Ste. Anne County. For cell phone users who subscribe to SMS alerts, standard message rates will apply. However, no information that consumes large amounts of data such as an image or video will be sent. Links to additional files or information may be provided, but users can access these additional files at their discretion.

County Minute: Rural Policing

"There was a lot of outcry about how the rural policing model was brought down upon us by the Province; and the costs downloaded onto ratepayers. We do understand this as a County, and we know it's not going to go away. We're going to have to let it unfold a little bit more just to see exactly where it's going to land."
— Reeve Joe Blakeman