Core Planning & Development Functions

Stewarding sustainable growth in the Lac Ste. Anne region

Core Planning & Development Functions

Stewarding smart, sustainable growth in the region

The County has roles and responsibilities under the Municipal Government Act to steward orderly, economical and beneficial development, and maintain and improve the quality of the physical environment.
This team provides guidance and documentation for planning and development activities within the County. The goal is to strike a balance between land preservation and responsible, sustainable growth.

Compliance Supports for Seniors

Property improvement grants and resources

Provincial grants and local support services exist for seniors, low-income landowners or community members with disabilities who are unable to physically repair a violation or afford its associated costs.

Need a bit of help finding — or applying for — the right type of funding? County staff will do their best to help you navigate the process.

Compliance Supports for Seniors

Planning & Development Programs and Initiatives

Community Cleanups

Local Pride

The County's 2021 Red Ribbon Cleanup campaign was aimed at improving safety, making streets more welcoming, attracting new business and homeowners, and generally enhancing the purpose, functionality and cleanliness of local communities.
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Planning Documents


Land use planning in Lac Ste. Anne County focuses on the overall impact that development can have on the community. This requires coordination of development in ways that contribute to broader social, environmental and cultural goals.
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Conditionally Approved Permits

Development Permits

The Planning & Development department regularly posts notices of discretionary development permits in advance of any decisions. A discretionary permit is any permit requiring the County to exercise judgment prior to its approval (such as a variance).
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