Administration Office Deficiencies

Office Status & Documentation

Lac Ste. Anne County staff moved into the newly constructed administration building in the fall of 2017. Around that time, slab heaving and drywall cracking were observed. These issues were investigated by Professional Engineers who then isolated likely causes. Since then, the County has experienced an exacerbation of these problems. As the resolution process with the appropriate parties may require legal proceedings, the County is limited in the information that can be shared until such issues and/or proceedings are resolved.

Status as of February 22, 2021

Lac Ste. Anne County continues with its measures to address the challenges associated with the Administration Building. In particular, structural investigations and solution option development are ongoing but not yet complete.

The goal of the County in addressing solutions is to ensure that the interests of the County residents and ratepayers are addressed and they have a quality Building to support the important services the County delivers.

To protect the County’s interests, the County has initiated a lawsuit against the parties involved in the project execution, design, and construction of the Administration Building. The public is reminded that, based on advice from the County’s Legal Counsel handling the lawsuit, limited information can be shared until the lawsuit is concluded.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the County, progress continues with both the solutions and lawsuit.

Lac Ste. Anne County Council and Administration sincerely thank ratepayers for their continued understanding and cooperation as they work to bring this matter to conclusion. The County will provide periodic updates on the matter on its website and social media channels.

Engineering Report

Interest has been expressed in the release of multiple Engineer Reports on the new administration building. Lac Ste. Anne County has committed to posting all publically available information to this section of the County website once all legal and legislative requirements have been processed and met.

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