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Assessment, Taxation & Utilities

Funding and stewarding essential County services

Property and business taxes are key sources of revenue for any region. This department provides the County with the funds required to deliver the many programs, services and utilities on which ratepayers rely.
Per the Municipal Government Act, County assessors collect and update property data to ensure fair and accurate assessments. Assessors conduct site inspections annually to update property assessments.

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The Assesment & Taxation department This department provides the County with the funds required to deliver the many programs, services and utilities on which ratepayers rely.

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Tax Help

Each year the County partners with the CRA and Community Organizations to host free tax preparation clinics and arrange for volunteers to prepare income tax and benefit returns for eligible individuals.
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Tax Prepayment Plan

Payment Options

The County's Tax Prepayment Plan (TPP) provides property owners with the opportunity to make twelve consecutive monthly property tax payments as opposed to a single, annual lump sum payment..Explore your options today!
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Recycling Rundown

Sorting Tips

Thanks for doing your part to sort and recycle properly. What's accepted? What's not? Familiarize yourself with the County's guidelines when sorting any recyclables destined for the dump or any of the County-owned transfer sites.
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County Council seeks to borrow $1.2 in provincial funds to undertake the next phase of a wastewater transmission system.
Please be advised that Assessors will be conducting field inspections of properties throughout Lac Ste. Anne County over the next few months. Property owners scheduled for inspection will soon receive a notice in the mail.
County Council has passed the Sangudo Utility Bylaw, which came into effect on Feb. 25 and shows a rate increase of 5%.
The County has launched a two-year expanded electronics pilot project to help protect our environment by keeping more electronic equipment out of our main landfill. Help expand the good news!
Effective January 1, 2021, the fee for wastewater hauled to lagoons within the Lac Ste. Anne County boundaries will be increased to $55.00 per legal load.
When disposing of wood ashes at the County landfill or transfer stations, please dump them onto the fire screen - not into bins.

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