Fire Guardians

Promoting safe fire practices across the region

Thinking about burning that brush pile in the back 40...or the pile of wood from the shed you tore down? Perhaps you just bought some land and plan to clear space to build your new home.

Whatever burn you may be contemplating, you need a fire permit in accordance with the County's Fire Bylaw. To get started, use the table below to contact the Fire Guardian in your dvision.

Fire Guardians

Working with residents to ensure safe fire practices

Call Before You Burn

Smoke from burning piles can often affect visibility for those driving in the area, and can cause physical discomfort for some. Pre-planning your burning can help mitigate these problems and we have just the solution for you.




Jurgen Preugschas
780.204.2500 (cell)
Kristina Szabados
825.777.7768 (cell)
Samme Bradshaw
780.919.9966 (cell)
Stephen De Zaeyer
780.967.5714 (landline)
Tracey Brown
780.497.0585 (cell)
Fire Guardians
Fire Guardians have the authority to restrict burning, or not issue a permit at all, if weather conditions exist.

By contacting your local County Fire Guardian, you'll have access to great knowledge about where to build your burn piles, how big and how far apart to build them, and when the best conditions for burning are. Additionally, you’ll get the proper paperwork to avoid a possible fine for an un-permitted burn.

If you're unable to reach a Fire Guardian in your division, please contact the County Administration Office at 780.785.3411 (toll-free 1.866.880.5722).

Fire Services News

Fire Permit Season is in Effect Year-Round

A Fire Permit is required AT ANY TIME OF THE YEAR for ANY BURNING you would like to do. Permits are also required at any time of year for HIGH HAZARDS FIREWORKS DISPLAYS.

You are NOT required to obtain a Fire Permit for a backyard Fire Pit, Camp Fire, Consumer / Family Display Fireworks, or for your Burn Barrel.  Permits for Burn Barrels became obsolete in 2014, and Fireworks Permits became obsolete in 2020, with changes that remain in place today within Fire Bylaw #29-2020.  Importantly, even though Burn Barrel permits are not required, the County DOES NOT ALLOW the use of Burn Barrels in County Hamlets nor in Multi-Parcel (Named) Subdivisions.  The discharge of Fireworks must meet the specifications and recommendations of all manufacturers, and all requirements of any applicable laws and regulations, including the National Fire Code – Alberta Edition and all County Bylaws.

Please note that Fire Permits will not be issued for existing fires nor for ground fires; therefore, any existing unpermitted fires must be extinguished immediately. 

Fire Permits are Mandatory at Any Time of the Year

It is unlawful to burn without a Fire Permit; violators face fines in accordance with the County’s Fire Bylaw. Fire Permits are FREE, so your cooperation in this regard is greatly appreciated. 

Residents interested in obtaining Forest & Prairie (Wildfire) Insurance should contact their insurance agent, as several insurance companies and brokers offer this type of insurance coverage as an add-on to existing farm/house policies.

If there is a fire on your property and Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services provides fire suppression, the County may invoice the landowners for those costs. Please call the Fire Services Department should you have any questions regarding fire insurance or billing for fire suppression costs at 780.785.3411 or Toll Free at 1.866.880.5722.

Get to Know Farm FireSmart

"We launched FireSmart to help our producers mitigate wildfire risks. We discuss limitations, and also cover the things they can do in order to protect their property, their livestock, and each other."
— Randy Schroeder, County Fire Chief
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