Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks

Leveraging the Collective Potential of the Region

An Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) highlights and formalizes existing collaborative work between adjacent municipalities and provides a forum to work together. The primary goal of ICFs is ensuring neighbouring municipalities work together regarding service delivery and cost-sharing.

ICF Partners

Leveraging the Collective Potential of the Region

Working Together Toward Efficient, Effective Service Provision

Municipalities that do not have a common boundary may be parties to a framework. Municipalities that are parties to a framework may invite an Indian band or Metis settlement to participate in the delivery and funding of services to be provided under the framework. Each framework must:

  • Describe the services that benefit residents in more than one of the municipalities
  • Identify which municipality is responsible for providing these services
  • Outline how the services will be delivered and funded include a process for resolving disputes that occur while the framework is in effect

ICFS to be Renewed periodically

Municipalities will be required to review their ICFs every 5 years after the creation of the framework, or within a shorter period of time if provided for in the framework.

ICF Partner Counties

  • Barrhead County
  • Parkland County
  • Sturgeon County
  • Woodlands County
  • Yellowhead County

ICF Partner Towns

  • Town of Mayerthorpe
  • Town of Onoway

ICF Partner Villages

  • Village of Alberta Beach

ICF Partner Summer Villages

  • Summer Village of Birch Cove
  • Summer Village of Castle Island
  • Summer Village of Nakamun Park
  • Summer Village of Ross Haven
  • Summer Village of Silver Sands
  • Summer Village of South View
  • Summer Village of Sunrise Beach
  • Summer Village of Sunset Point
  • Summer Village of Val Quentin
  • Summer Village of West Cove
  • Summer Village of Yellowstone

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