Lac Ste. Anne County is committed to providing great customer service for all residents and relevant stakeholders. Site users are now able to search individual assessments in Lac Ste. Anne County by clicking the link below and entering the addresses of the assessments you wish to search.
Once you read and agree to the Disclaimer for Terms of Use, simply select Lac Ste. Anne County and General Public. Then search for a property using any of the fields available. If using the rural address, please use the formats indicated below, or use the containing section, which will bring up a list of all of the property containing the information entered.When you find the property you're searching for, click ‘Select’ the ‘View’ or ‘Download’ to access the assessment summary.

Rural Address Format

6410 TWP RD 540

54416 RGE RD 62

12, 54416 TWP RD 540

12, 54416 RGE RD 62