Routes, Rules & Resident Access

Preparing for the historic papal visit

Whether you're a County resident or a pilgrimage attendee, you should familiarize yourself with this year's route information, bus routes and general traffic rules.

Please note that the map data below is provided by Alberta Transportation and posted to the County website accordingly.

Routes, Rules and Resident Access

Preparing for the historic papal visit

Routes, Traffic and Road Reopening

On July 27, barricades will be removed and two-way traffic will be reinstated (the County will resume normal traffic flow operations).

Residents should factor in considerable traffic congestion on provincial highways and County roadways before, during and after the pilgrimage. It goes without saying that pedestrian traffic will be unusually high at the pilgrimage site and in surrounding communities. Throughout this timeframe the County will prioritize public safety, and will work to mitigate any harm to property or our environment.

Visit for up-to-the-minute traffic information on affected highways.

Access to the Ste. Anne Parish and Adjacent Grounds

From July 27 until July 29, parking and camping will be allowed at the Lac Ste. Anne Pilgrimage grounds. Certain riles apply. Please visit the Lac Ste. Anne Pilgrimage website for details.

Heavy traffic is expected to continue throughout the morning of Wednesday, July 27 as the opportunity for camping at the Pilgrimage site becomes available to those wishing to do so. Please drive to the traffic conditions as you move through the area.


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