Problem Wildlife

Humane management of animal populations

We strive to maintain healthy wildlife populations while controlling species known to cause a disturbance. Control doesn't always mean destruction; it includes trapping and relocating as well.

The County will not participate in any unnecessary reduction in wildlife populations; only in their control to numbers agreeable with the land's carrying capacity and tolerance of the producer.

Problem Wildlife

Humane management of animal populations

Beaver Control Program

Each year, a variety of methods are employed by the Agricultural Services department to prevent beaver dams and colonies from compromising the integrity of County roads and infrastructure. Ag Services crews also assists landowners on a case-by-case basis who request the removal of nuisance beaver dams from their properties.

Explore the Beaver Control section to review the allowable beaver abatement and beaver dam removal techniques employed by Agricultural Services and individual landowners.

Managing Coyote Predation

Producing livestock has many challenges and coyote predation is one of them. Although they are important to the ecosystem, coyotes (which are wild canines found across North America) can cause problems when they damage or kill domestic livestock or domestic pets like dogs.

If you're dealing with problematic coyotes, there are ways the County can help prevent this from happening. Call the Agricultural Services department at 780.785.3411 (toll-free 1.866.880.5722) or email agriculture (@)

Coyote Predation Solutions
If you find yourself dealing with problematic coyotes or other predators, the County can help.
Controlling animal populations does not always mean "to destroy" but may include trapping and relocating as well.

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