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Fire Services Statement from Lac Ste. Anne County Reeve Joe Blakeman

A message in support of our Fire Services department.

As a matter of record, Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services exists to provide fire protection and emergency response and do it well.

I ask all of our residents to join me on behalf of Lac Ste. Anne County Council and Administration in saluting our Fire Services team for their remarkable work – day in and day out! Their dedication and superb service to all areas of the County is second to none.

Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services has six individual fire stations located around the County. Our County Fire Chief is well respected by the over 90 paid-on-call firefighters, as well as the fire industry across the province – having been elected as the President of the Alberta Fire Chief’s Association for multiple terms. Under his leadership and with the dedicated support of six Station Chiefs, the full complement of fire services personnel ensures an efficient and effective response to the evolving needs of the region. Our fire crews are highly trained in fire suppression and medical response, and they have an unwavering passion for serving their communities. In addition, they are committed to engaging with the community by providing residents with safety education, including fire prevention, FireSmart training, and youth education programs in local schools. We have the equipment, training, and facilities to provide an efficient, effective, and quality fire service to our region.

If you want to know more about Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services, I invite you to get your information from the source. Check out our websites, or, follow us on social media, or speak to your County Councillor.

Intermunicipal partnerships between Lac Ste. Anne County and neighbouring municipalities are regular municipal business; and the County strives to work with and support our neighbours. It is common for a municipality to ask Lac Ste. Anne County to provide a myriad of services via Intermunicipal Partnership Agreements – including FCSS, library services, planning, fire services, and more. Many of these are fees for services. Collaboration and partnership have long been in place between Lac Ste. Anne County and all our local municipalities including the Town of Onoway.

With that, the County has witnessed chatter around the Town of Onoway Council’s recent decision to terminate its Fire Services contract with their current provider, which is their right to do through the democratic process. Every municipality has autonomy to make decisions they believe are beneficial to their municipality, including the engagement and termination of contracts and contractor services.

A decision for an agreement for Lac Ste. Anne County to provide fire services to the Town of Onoway has not been made. The County, at the request of our neighbouring municipalities, has provided an offer to provide, and/or partner in, the provision of those myriad services – including fire services. Sincerely,


Blakeman Sig

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