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Although the term "volunteer" implies an uncompensated commitment of time, this label is a misnomer.

In addition to monetary compensation for active-duty Firefighters when on call, there are quite a few tangible benefits, supports and other incentives for all of our team members.

The Soft Benefits of Being a Volunteer Firefighter

In addition to the different types of compensation and benefits listed below, your involvement with Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services will pay considerable social dividends.

"It’s like having a second family. You see your colleagues at their best — and at their absolute worst. The team aspect is huge. You go through so many things in life with them. You work really hard together. You know they have your back no matter what."
- Active-duty firefighter, Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services

As a volunteer first responder, you help your fellow citizens when they need you most. Your dedication will evoke a sense of accomplishment and pride like no other pursuit. You'll also learn new skills, make new friends, and become part of a team that's got your back through thick and thin.

Make a meaningful impact in your community.

Volunteering with Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services is a great way to support the community, learn new skills, or even prepare for a paid career in the fire and rescue service.

Prerequisites for joining will vary depending upon your commitment level and area of focus. But one thing is certain: if you enjoy teamwork, you're responsible, and you're available to serve in a dynamic and intense atmosphere, we have a place for you!

How Our Crews are Compensated

There are a number of tangible benefits, supports and incentives for our team members.

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Paid-On-Call Status

As a paid-on-call Firefighter, you're alerted to critical events as they happen. If you're available: get to your station; gear up; and get to the scene in an emergency vehicle. While on call, you'll earn an hourly wage based on your training and responsibility.

A commitment to attending training is important, but your leadership team will work with you to ensure you continue to grow your skills and meet the requirements.

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Free Training

Team members often cite our continuous stream of accredited professional development courses as one of the key benefits of their involvement with Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services.

From first aid-CPR, and defensive driver training to hazardous materials, water rescue and Fire Instructor Level II, these courses — plus all related PPE — will be provided on an ongoing basis at no cost.

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Gas Card

Each firefighter gets a UFA Fuel Link card to use whenever they fill up their personal vehicles. Gas rates fluctuate, but it typically works out to about 20 cents less per litre less at the fuel pump.

The card can be used 24 hours a day at any of the hundred-plus UFA cardlock locations throughout Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan. It's yours to keep — both during your time with us and after you leave the team.

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Volunteer Tax Credit

The Government of Canada's volunteer firefighters' amount lets you claim up to $3,000 annually by responding to and being on call for firefighting and related emergency calls as a firefighter; and by participating in required training related to preventing or suppressing fire.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Our Fire Services personnel are protected by comprehensive benefits that include life insurance; 24-hour on/off duty disability insurance; line of duty death benefits (national, provincial and local); and Workers' Compensation Board coverage.

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Mental Health Supports

When it comes to mental health and wellness, volunteer personnel face the same risks as career firefighters. We're proud of our comprehensive health and wellness program that includes mental health and wellness benefits; counselling services and family supports.

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