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Subdivision is the process of dividing land into parcels to obtain separate legal titles for each parcel.

Subdivision normally occurs when a property owner divides a parcel of land into several smaller lots. It can also mean adjusting existing lot lines or combining several smaller lots are into a single parcel. For example: creating a condominium plan is a form of subdivision.

The Municipal Government Act allows landowners to subdivide their property subject to established conditions.

Before You Apply

Prior to submitting an application, we recommend that you schedule a meeting with the County's Planning & Development team. Early guidance, coupled with an understanding of the subdivision framework, will help streamine the application process.

Redistricting is the process of changing the land use district that applies to a particular parcel of land.

The process of redistricting helps the County ensure incompatible uses are separated from each other. Redistricting regulations include the types of developments allowed, and the minimum setbacks required from each property line.

All land within the County is zoned for a particular use. As a landowner, you might request redistricting if you’d like to subdivide your land or build on your land in a way that is not currently allowed.

Redistricting is part of the County’s Land Use Bylaw and is approved by County Council.

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