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What makes you wonder? What lets you wander?

As our name may suggest, Lac Ste. Anne County is a place of many lakes. But here you'll also discover broad prairies, old wooden trestle bridges, and brand-new memories just waiting to happen.

From the leisurely delights of a museum or botanical garden to the pure rush of paintball and skydiving, you'll find an abundance of unique destinations within our borders.

Ih mission exterior 03

Ste. Anne Shrine

Location: Alberta Beach

Designated a national historic site of Canada, this world-renowned pilgrimage site is a natural mesa that extends down to the southern shores of Lac Ste. Anne. Several buildings dot the site, including the Lac Ste. Anne Mission — the first permanent Catholic mission west of Winnipeg.

It is here that the faithful step into the holy waters and become blessed by a priest in the name of Saint Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary. The annual pilgrimage began more than a hundred years ago, but the shores of this lake have been sacred to indigenous communities long before contact with settlers.

Ih trestle 12

Timber Trestle Bridge

Location: Rochfort Bridge

At 736 metres (2,414 ft.) long and 33.5 metres (110 ft.) tall, the Rochfort Trestle Bridge is the longest wooden trestle in North America. It was built in 1914 over the Paddle River and is still used periodically by Canadian National Railway (CN). In years gone by, settlers were known to walk, ride horseback, or even drive cattle across the length of the bridge.

Gaze in awe of this ancient engineering marvel, then head into the Trading Post for a bit of local history, a bite to eat and an abundance of unique crafts, books and touristy treasures. There’s also a museum run by the Lac Ste. Anne Historical Society.

Community Spotlight: George Pegg Botanic Garden

Alberta’s very first declared historic resource, George Pegg Botanic Garden is both a protected site and a jewel to behold. Faithfully managed by the George Pegg Botanic Garden Society, the Garden hosts a variety of events for the public including an annual Gardener’s Day, and Art in the Garden. Here you’ll find engaging speakers, talented artists, great food and fresh new ideas.

Ih parks fallen four 01

Fallen Four Memorial

Location: Mayerthorpe

Four bronze mounties stand on guard around a central plinth topped with doves aflight. These solemn statues honour RCMP Constables Schiemann, Johnston, Gordon and Myrol, killed in the line of duty on March 3, 2005.

The park is both a memorial to four brave men, and a tribute to those who sacrifice themselves for the protection and well-being of mankind.

Ih sangudo sundial 01

Sundial Elevator

Location: Sangudo

At a height of 21 feet, this unique landmark is one of the biggest sundials in existence.

Massive Precambrian boulders surround a central dial formed in homage to the grain elevators of days gone by.

Stunning to behold, this monolithic masterpiece can tell time, perform calendar functions, and even provide latitude and longitude coordinates.

Ih museum 01

Onoway Museum

Location: Onoway

The Onoway Museum is located in the Beaupré School, also known as the Old Brick School. Four major exhibit rooms focus on life as it was in the Onoway area: Country home, Main Street, One-Room School and Community & Farm Life.

Other exhibits featured throughout the museum include: Local Indigenous Leather and Bead Work, Canada at War, Entertainment in Onoway, and many more.

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