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As the County grows, its water/wastewater infrastructure must adapt to the needs of its communities and partner municipalities.

In recent years, the County has begun to ease its reliance on aging wells through the strategic placement of city-grade water lines, and connecting end-of-life sewage lagoons to a wastewater transmission network.

Phased Improvements for a Sustainable Future

For decades, the County has relied on sewage lagoons (large ponds into which effluent from the surrounding communities flows) to help meet its wastewater needs. There are several sewage lagoons in Lac Ste. Anne County — the Darwell Lagoon being one of the largest and most heavily-utilized.

Responsible investments in our water and wastewater infrastructure help position the Lac Ste. Anne region for sustained growth, industry diversification, and community viability.

Improving our water and wastewater infrastructure comes at a cost; however, these costs are offset by substantial federal and provincial grant programs like Water For Life Strategy and Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.

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