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Camping in the County is a beloved summer tradition for visitors and locals alike.

From tenting by the trails to full-service campsites on the shoreline, Lac Ste. Anne County provides an abundance of exceptional camping destinations for outdoor enthusiasts of every stripe. Choose from a number of great lakefront lots with front-row views of the most breathtaking sunsets you’ll ever see. More intrepid explorers might opt for a campsite close to one
of the many trail systems that wind throughout the County.

Regardless of how you choose to immerse yourself in our great outdoors, Lac Ste. Anne County is certain to leave you feeling as fresh as our country air, and longing to explore even more of our remarkable region

Spot camping green

Sangudo Riverside Campground & Day Use Expansion Project

Plans are underway to refurbish the Sangudo Riverside Campground & Day Use Area. Improvements will include addressing the roughly nine acres of the former raceway area and chattels.

The end goals of this exciting project are to improve the area; expanding camping capacity; and build upon the natural beauty as the Pembina River.

Campground Rules of Conduct

Alcohol & Cannabis

Alcohol & cannabis consumption is only permitted within the patron’s own site. It is not permitted on the roadways, dock, washroom/shower facility or park.

Campers' Liabilities

Campers are responsible for insuring the leased property against all forms of liability and loss and indemnify the Lac Ste. Anne County against claims for the same. It is the responsibility of every camper to ensure their personal property (bikes, coolers, firewood, etc.) are securely locked away while away from their site.  Damages to the Lessard Lake Public Campground property caused by the Camper, family members or guests (normal wear and tear accepted), will be charged to the lessee.


Firewood is available from the Campground Caretaker(s) for a nominal fee.
This Campground is concerned about the environment; the removal of trees, tree branches or underbrush is not permitted. Fires must be contained in the pits provided, which are not to be moved without prior approval from the Campground Caretaker(s).
Please refrain from having large campfires. The Campground Caretaker(s) will remove the ashes from the fire pits as part of the services as requested by the Camper.

In the event of a Fire Ban, Campers must abide by any stipulations that may be set by Lac Ste. Anne County or by the Province.

Fire Bans are set for your safety and will be advertised at the Campground.

Campsite Maintenance

It’s recommended that campers have approved fire extinguishers and other safety-related equipment at their site.

It is the Camper’s responsibility to keep this site neat and tidy. The surrounding area must be maintained in an acceptable condition. Litter must not accumulate around or within the campsite, under holiday trailers or other units.

Gazebos and portable decks are allowed for seasonal site users; however, all items must be removed at the end of the season from each site.

Campsites will not be enlarged or altered from their current sizes.

Trenching or digging for any purpose is not permitted.

Campsites must be thoroughly cleaned to the satisfaction of the Campground Caretaker(s) and the County at the end of your stay


Checkout time is 1:00 pm for all County-managed campgrounds.

Cleaning Fish

Please clean all fish at the fish-cleaning stand.

Dock Privileges and Rules

Special provincial regulations apply for the installation or alterations of boatlifts, private docks or other items located on the lakeshore or on the water.

Private boat docks, watercraft and contents are subject to loss and or damage to personal property and other risks. Lac Ste. Anne County and Campground Caretaker(s) are not responsible for loss or damage to personal property, watercraft or missing articles. Watercraft owners are advised to insure their property and check them regularly, especially after heavy winds and rain. Weatherproof coverings and pumping water out of the watercraft are the responsibility of the watercraft owner.

Water skiing is not permitted from campground dock. There is not a boat launch within the campground, but launches are available nearby. Boat/boat trailers are to be parked at the designated boat/boat trailer parking, as specified by the caretaker.

Mixing or transferring petroleum products on the docks is dangerous and is not permitted. Storage of flammable liquids, oily rags, etc. on docks or premises is prohibited. Litter shall not be thrown overboard or left on the docks.

Ejection from Campground

Campground Caretakers have the right to eject any person or persons from the campground without notice. Registration fees will not be refunded for such an ejection.

Gate Closure

Gates are closed from 11:00pm to 7:00am. Vehicles may be parked in the parking lot, should you need to exit the campground within these hours. In the case of an emergency and the gates need to be opened, please wake the Campground Caretakers.

Guests, Children and Teens

Guests, children, and teens under age 16 are free. Teens 16 years and older staying in another unit must pay standard rates.

Guests are not permitted to occupy a seasonal site in absentia without prior approval by Campground Caretaker(s). Campers sharing a seasonal site will pay an amount equal to the daily rate for that site.

Campers are responsible for ensuring young people under their supervision (of any age) are at their campsites no later than 11:00 pm.

Firecrackers & Fireworks

Fireworks and firecrackers are banned within County owned and operated campgrounds, per Bylaw 29-2020.

Motorized Recreation Vehicles

Riding recreation vehicles or all-terrain vehicles is not permitted within the campground.


Vehicle/boat/boat trailer parking is prohibited anywhere on the road. A maximum of 2 vehicles per campsite is permitted (use public parking area for guests or additional vehicles).

Patrons may park a boat/boat trailer on their own site as long as it fits completely within the site; does not impede the roadway; and is not parked along the side of the road. Parking can be restricted at a Caretaker’s discretion if it creates an unsafe situation in any way.


Pets must always be under your control and on a leash. A maximum of 2 pets is permitted.

For the peace and safety of park residents, noisy or dangerous pets must be removed from the park upon the request of Campground Caretaker(s).

Pets are not permitted in any washroom, shower house or on the lakeshore. A ‘dog-scooper’ is to be used in the campground.

Power Generators

Power plants and generators must run quietly with proper mufflers and not run near flammable materials. These may not be operated between the hours of quiet time.

Quiet Time

Quiet time is between 11:00pm and 7:00am. Conversation, music, radios, televisions or other sound producing devices shall be kept at levels that will not annoy or disturb other guests. Please refrain from running generators, chopping wood or participating in anything else that may disturb your fellow campers.

Please note that visitors will not be permitted entrance after 11:00pm.

Sanitary Dumping Stations

Sewage & grey water must be stored in approved containers or holding tanks and dumped only in the dumping station. Campsites or toilets must not be used for disposal of this waste.


Tarpaulins must be confined to your site and independently supported and not attached to trees or tree branches.


Pedestrians have right-of-way on all roads and pathways. The Campground Caretaker(s) will restrict offenders from using the roads and have the authority to expel violators from the Campground. Vehicles must travel at speeds not endangering persons or property. Speed limits are posted.


Litter containers are provided throughout the Campground for your use. Please ensure that your garbage is contained in these containers.

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