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Redistricting is the division of land into districts designating permitted and discretionary uses for an area.

The process of redistricting helps the County ensure incompatible uses are separated from each other. Redistricting regulations include the types of developments allowed, and the minimum setbacks required from each property line.

All land within the County is zoned for a particular use. Redistricting is part of the County’s Land Use Bylaw and is approved by County Council.

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When Redistricting Becomes Necessary

Redistricting your land may be necessary if you plan to:

  • Develop your land, without subdividing, in a way that is not currently allowed; or
  • Subdivide land into parcels that will be used for a different purpose.

In many cases, a redistricting application may be accompanied by a subdivision or development permit application. You are only allowed to subdivide one parcel from a quarter section without redistricting, and must be an existing or abandoned farmstead.

Redistricting is Not Always Required

Redistricting a parcel is dependent on the proposed parcel size. Parcels may be rezoned to a more suitable district. For example:

  • Agricultural ‘1’ (AG1) and Agricultural 2 (AG2) and Agricultural Fringe (AGF)
    • Parcel Area Min: 12.14 ha* (30.0 acres)
  • Country Residential Ranch (CRR) - Subdivided Parcel – Out of (named) Multi Parcel
    • Parcel Area Min:  4.05 ha (10.0 acres)
    • Max: 12.14 ha (30.0 acres)
  • Country Living Residential (CLR) - Subdivided Parcel – Out of (named) Multi Parcel
    • Parcel Area Min: 1.21 ha (3.0 acres)
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