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The items below focus on key decisions and issues that have emerged from the May 9, 2024 Council meeting.

Not a Complete Summary

Council meeting highlights are not a complete meeting summary; nor do they replace official Council meeting minutes. To view published official minutes, please visit the Agendas & Minutes section of the County website.

Interlakes Regional Trail Master Plan Adopted

Council has officially adopted the Interlakes Regional Trails Master Plan, a comprehensive strategy aimed at developing a network of multi-use trails within the region. The plan emphasizes creating accessible and enjoyable outdoor spaces for diverse recreational activities while promoting environmental sustainability. By fostering connectivity and enhancing recreational opportunities, the plan seeks to enrich community engagement and promote active lifestyles while preserving the natural beauty of the region.

It also fosters a sense of pride and identity within the community, as residents enjoy the beauty of their surroundings and the accessibility of outdoor spaces. Overall, it enriches the quality of life for all residents.

Appointment of Weed and Pest Inspectors

Council approved the appointment of nine County weed and pest inspectors for the May – September season. In accordance with the Alberta Weed Control Act and the Alberta Agricultural Pests Act, Council has appointed these inspectors to enforce and monitor compliance with these regulations within the municipality. Residents are encouraged to report any weeds or pests to help benefit the agricultural community and uphold regulatory standards.

These inspectors play a vital role in identifying and managing invasive plant species and pests that threaten crops, natural habitats, and ecosystems. By enforcing regulations and implementing control measures, they help prevent the spread of harmful organisms, safeguarding agricultural productivity and biodiversity. Their efforts contribute to sustainable land management practices, protecting the County’s valuable resources for future generations.

Evaluation Summaries for the Onoway Playschool and Out of School Care Programs

Council accepted the Evaluation Summaries for the Onoway Playschool Program and Out of School Care (OSC) Program for the 2023-24 school year. Survey results have indicated overwhelming satisfaction with the Onoway Playschool and OSC Programs, with 100% of respondents expressing their intent to continue using the program and recommending it to others. Some families noted that the program has facilitated better access to childcare services and assisted them in achieving work-life balance.

Memorandum of Understanding for Community Group Spring Cleanup

Council Approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the Town of Mayerthorpe for the Community Group Spring Cleanup. By providing a donation to a community group for roadside clean-up of both sides of Twp Road 574A from 50th Avenue in the Town of Mayerthorpe and Highway 43 and both sides of Range Road 83 from 42 Avenue to Highway 43. This effort, aligns with the Intermunicipal Collaborative Framework, aiming to provide cross-jurisdictional programs in support of local community groups.

Allocation of Funds to Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club

County Council has allocated $25,000.00 from the County’s Recreation Facility & Program Assistance Grant Program to the Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club for the purchase of a trail groomer. This investment aims to improve trail quality and enhance the snowmobiling experience for enthusiasts in the region.

Funding Approved for Improvements to the Swede Moren Ball Park

County Council approved additional funding to the Swede Moren Ball Park Rejuvenation Project, managed by Lac Ste. Anne County, to address imminent health & safety issues with the ball diamond fencing and replacement of spectator bleachers.

Council recognized an $11,000 contribution from the Town of Onoway and a successful grant application from Ste. Anne Natural Gas Co-op Ltd Community Enhancement Foundation of $3,000 to the Onoway Ball Association; both to assist with varying components of the Rejuvenation Project.

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