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You can now pay your property taxes and utility bills online.

The County now offers the convenient option of making secure online payments (with applicable third-party fees) via OptionPay. Some fees must still be be paid in person at your bank or the County Administration Office, but check back to see our growing list of County fees and services that can be paid online using a Visa or MasterCard. 

Service Fees Apply

Service fees will be incurred for online transactions, starting at a minimum fee of $2.00. These fees are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled.

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What can you pay online?

Utilities Payments

To make an online payment on your County utilities account using OptionPay, you will need:

  • Your utility account number 
  • A phone number and email address

Property Tax Payments

To make an online payment on your County property tax account using OptionPay, you will need:

  • Your roll number 
  • A phone number and email address

Common Questions About OptionPay

What is OptionPay?

OptionPay is a payment card platform used by Lac Ste. Anne County (and about 200 other municipalities across Canada) for secure online credit card transactions. You can learn more about OptionPay by visiting their website. Fees are nonrefundable and cannot be cancelled.

Is there a service fee for using OptionPay to pay County bills with my credit card?

Yes. All transactions carried out through OptionPay follow a tiered fee schedule, starting at a minimum fee of $2.00.  To see the full fee schedule for using this payment option, please review the OptionPay fee schedule.

Please note that service fees are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled. These fees are collected by OptionPay for the use of their platform; not by Lac Ste. Anne County.

Why is there an added fee to pay with credit card?

Credit card service fees are administered through the payment gateway provider OptionPay program for the use of their platform. This is standard practice for all online credit card transaction providers.

Is my credit card information/security secure with this program?

OptionPay was originally developed for use by Alberta Registries. Their processes are under daily audit from Service Alberta, and they have been a trusted provider of secure online transactions in Canada for more than twenty years.

The OptionPay system performs a variety of Internet-specific checks that substantially reduce risk of fraud. These checks include Duplicate screening, AVS, CVV-CVV2, GeoIP, Blacklists, Velocity and Frequency checks.

What if I have multiple tax rolls to pay?

It is not possible to pay multiple tax rolls in one transaction. As such, each tax roll must be made as a separate payment — whether you're paying online or at your financial institution.

Other Ways to Pay

The Finance department is responsible for receipts and payments at the County. Property taxes, utility bills, fines, and a variety of County services can be paid using any of the options listed on this page.

Payment Options

In Person at the County Administration Office

Visit the County Administration Office during regular hours of operation (Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm). Once there, you can choose to make a payment using cash, debit, credit or cheque.

There is also an envelope depository outside the main entrance of the County Administration Office. After-hours cheque payments can be made in this manner. The following business day will be marked as the date of payments made via the depository.

56521 Rge Rd 65 (1.5km east of Sangudo)
PO Box 219 Sangudo, Alberta T0E 2A0

Mondays to Fridays 8:30am to 4:30pm
Office closes for statutory holidays

In-Person or Online payments via a Local Financial Institution

Pay via a teller at your regular bank or credit union in Lac Ste. Anne County. Just remember that the County has different payees: County Taxes and County Utilities. Please ensure you make your payment to the correct payee!

When timing your payments, please check your financial institution's processing turnaround times. Some banks require up to three business days for payment processing.

Direct Debit (Tax Prepayment Plan)

By signing up for the County's Tax Prepayment Plan, a pre-set amount can be withdrawn from your bank account each month. This payment method applies to property tax payments only, and can be a convenient alternative to making a lump-sum property tax payment.

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