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If your dog is more than six months old, you need a County dog licence.

Animal Control Bylaw 06-2023 regulates and provides the controls for animals including dogs within the municipal boundaries of Lac Ste. Anne County.

Cats are not controlled within the County.

Dog Licences are Free

There's no cost to getting a County dog licence, and it helps peace officers return lost dogs home more safely and efficiently. Paper up your pooch today!

Dog Licence Application

Let's start with your contact information
Occupancy Status 
Now let's add your dog's information
Type of Dog 
Gender of Dog 

Having a photo of your dog on file comes in handy for identification purposes.

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Common Questions About Lost and Found Dogs in the County

How is an animal picked up?

Enforcement officers monitor all dog-related complaints lodged to the County. If a complaint is received by an Enforcement Officer about a dog (or dogs) roaming or causing a nuisance, the Officer(s) will respond. If you would like to make a complaint you can reach an Officer at the number(s) listed below. This line has a 24-hour answering service that allows you to leave a message for an Enforcement Officer. After-hours calls will be followed up by an available Enforcement Officer either immediately if they are on duty, or during their next scheduled shift.

Enforcement personnel always strive to respond as quickly as possible given call volume and priority of calls received.

Does the County also pick up cats?

No, the only animal that is picked up by County officers are dogs.

What happens to the dogs after they're picked up?

The County believes in the humane treatment of all animals, and is governed by many laws governing such treatment. When a dog is picked up by our enforcement Officers, the first thing they do for the animal when it comes into our care is thoroughly check the dog for any injuries, markings, tattoos and the like. If the animal is injured, the Enforcement Officer will take the animal to the nearest veterinary clinic for further treatment. If the animal is healthy or uninjured, it will be scanned for a microchip with a handheld scanner that can read the registration number and phone number of the registry for the brand of chips. With this information and any tattoo information, all vets in the region are contacted to determine if any clinic has a lead on the owner(s).

Who do I call if I see that my dog has been picked up?

If you're looking for your lost dog, contacting a County Enforcement Officer is the first step. They will be able to assist you in the process of getting your lost dog home.

Please note that Black Paws Pet Resort staff are unable to release any of the recovered dogs without involvement from a County Enforcement Officer. Before retrieving your dog, please call the County.

How do I know where to look for my missing dog?

When dogs are picked up by our enforcement officers, we do our best to get the information out to the public as soon as possible via the County's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. When these dogs have been retrieved and are no longer in County care, these posts are removed from County channels as promptly as possible.

How long does the County keep the dogs?

Per legislation, Lac Ste. Anne County is bound to hold non-purebred dogs for three days, and purebred dogs for ten days.

What happens to a dog after its three-day or ten-day hold?

Once the time has elapsed, and the owner has not come forward for the dog, Enforcement Officers will make arrangements for the animal to be transported to Whitecourt Homeless Animal Rescue Foundation (WHARF), where dogs are kept and put up for adoption and re-homing.

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