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We strive to respond quickly to public requests for information. To help streamline the process, we've created this FAQ page to pre-emptively addresses recurring questions asked by ratepayers.

Consider reviewing the official statements on this page before contacting the County.

Assessment & Taxation Questions

County Tax & User Fee Increases

How are County citizens expected to pay large increases in County taxes and user fees?

The County certainly understands that the increase in property taxes have impacted our ratepayers. Unfortunately, as costs are rising for you, they are also increasing for the municipality to sustain levels of service. Over the past five (5) years residential property tax rates have increased 10.83%, which is an average increase of 2.17% per year.

Levels of service are constantly being reviewed and analyzed. We have a large area to look after with 2,033 km in roads, 217 bridges and 11,300 residents. We look after fire services, agriculture, recreation, family and community support services, and infrastructure; and need to always plan for future growth.

Response dated July 18, 2023

Land Sale by Public Auction

Please provide the list of properties that sold at the Public Auction on November 25, 2022.

There were no properties sold at the November 25, 2022, Public Auction. 

Response dated July 27, 2023

Tax Reassessment following a Rezoning or Redistricting

What is the process on how tax reassessment is triggered after a rezoning or redistricting? Particularly NW 22-57-03-W5M what are the tax implications on the tax roll?

All properties are assessed based on their condition as of December 31st of the year prior to the taxation year. Administration works collaboratively with departments and contractors to record any site changes outside of annual assessment inspections to ensure the most accurate evaluations of all properties and trigger additional assessment inspections as needed.   

In accordance with FOIP legislation, Lac Ste. Anne County is unable to speak regarding tax implications to anyone other than the specific property owner.  

Response dated August 9, 2023

General Budget & Finance Questions

Consultant Fees

Please provide back-up information, the detailed journal entries for, including the total expenditure for the year (2022) for consultant fees.

Click Here to view and download a PDF that provides details on Lac Ste. Anne County’s 2022 consultant fees.

Response dated July 21, 2023

Contracted Services Budget

What services are included in contract services and how can those increases be substantiated? What controls are in place to put a limit on contracted services?

This includes:

  • Transmission Line costs, which will be funded from debt and reserves
  • Heather Down Area Structure Plan, funded from reserves (project since cancelled)
  • Alberta Beach Area Structure Plan funded 100% from grants
  • Most other increases were general operations and contractor costs increases due to inflation

Controls are in place - projects are prioritized and are approved through the budget process in consideration of revenue, such as taxation, grants, or other sources of revenue. If we cannot fund some contracted services, they are removed from the budget and/or deferred to a subsequent year based on the priority of the contracted service.

Response dated July 18, 2023

Corporate & Legislative Services Budget

Please provide the 2022 actual budget and 2023 budget for the Onoway Regional Medical Clinic. The County had budgeted based upon 3 doctors in the clinic and now with just 1, what is the impact and County subsidy for the clinic?

The Onoway Regional Medical Clinic Budget has a net-zero impact to the operating budget, and deficits are funded from the Community Aggregate Levy. Local aggregate companies have expressed great enthusiasm to contribute to this important service in the Onoway and surrounding area.

Response dated July 18, 2023

Financial Statements — Darwell Lagoon Commission

Please provide financial statements for the Darwell Lagoon Commission.

Click Here to view and download the 2022 financial statements for the Darwell Lagoon Commission.

Response dated July 21, 2023

Financial Statements — Lac Ste. Anne County

Please provide a copy of the County's financial statements.

Upon approval, Lac Ste. Anne County's financial statements are posted to the County website.

Response dated January 1, 2024

Financial Statements — North 43 Commission

Please provide financial statements for the North 43 Commission.

Click Here to view and download the 2022 financial statements for the North 43 Lagoon Commission.

Response dated January 1, 2024

Legal Fees

Please provide back-up information, the detailed journal entries for, including the total expenditure for the year (2022) for legal fees.

Unfortunately, the County is not able to disclose this information under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Section 27, which states that legal privilege including solicitor-client privilege is an exception to disclosure requirements. 

Amended response dated August 17, 2023

Salary Increases

Salary increases in Infrastructure Services, Operation Services shows salary increases of 9% and 12%, what has contributed to such large increases? Other salary increases are in the 4 -5 % range.

What is the increase in compensation and benefits for senior staff positions, CAO, and other Directors?

What is the increase from 2022 for Councillor remuneration and benefits?

What is the rationale that substantiates these increases?

The overall budget increase reflects a higher percentage due to the fact we increased our summer/seasonal staff by 4 positions as we are anticipating additional grant funding. We also hired 5 additional positions within the Infrastructure and Operations departments.

Union employees received a 1.5% increase as a part of their Collective Agreement.

Non-union employees received a 3% increase.

The County Manager receives a cost-of-living increase based on the Consumer Price Index for Alberta, as per his contract.

Response dated July 18, 2023

Seniors Foundation

Please provide back-up information, the detailed journal entries for, including the total expenditure for the year (2022) for the Seniors Foundation/Home for the Aged.

Lac Ste. Anne County pays a requisition to the Lac Ste. Anne Foundation for seniors housing, per the Referenced Correspondence from the Foundation (2022).

Response dated July 21, 2023

Special Recreation Tax

Please provide back-up information, the detailed journal entries for, including the total expenditure for the year (2022) for the Special Recreation Tax.

Click Here to view and download Bylaw 02-2022 — Recreation Services Tax Bylaw.

Click Here to view and download a detailed listing of the 2022 Recreation Facility & Program Assistance Grant allocations.

Click Here to view and download Bylaw 09-2023 — Recreation Services Tax Bylaw. A detailed listing (unfinalized) of the 2023 Recreation Facility & Program Assistance Grant allocations will be available on the County website in the near future.

Response dated July 21, 2023

Wastewater Special Levy

Please provide back-up information, the detailed journal entries for, including the total expenditure for the year (2022) for Special Wastewater Tax.

Click Here to view and download a PDF that provides details on Lac Ste. Anne County’s 2022 Special Wastewater Levy.

Response dated July 21, 2023

Wastewater Transmission Line Funding

It is noted in the news release on LSAC website that in Phase A of the Wastewater Transmission Line the “Municipality / Other funding” was $1,252,500; please advise which municipalities or what are the “other” entities that will be paying this.

The Municipality share of 10% was shared between Lac Ste. Anne County, the Summer Village of Sandy Beach and the Summer Village of Sunrise Beach.

Response dated July 21, 2023

Wastewater Transmission Line Landowner Impact

Did Phase A directly impact any LSAC property owners?  If so, how many and where were the properties?

The County is currently finalizing the alignment for the Phase A sewer project. Upon completion of the proposed alignment, a review can occur to compile a list of all impacted residents. Currently this information is not available.

Response dated July 21, 2023

Grant, Scholarship and Donation Questions

Grant Funding Review and Approval Process

If there is no application process for grant programs, how is it determined the funds are still needed and for what purposes?

Although there is no requirement for an application to the Recreation Facility & Program Assistance Grant, there are final accounting requirements.    

Click Here to view the Recreation Facility & Program Assistance Grant Policy.

Where funds are provided to other jurisdictions, what is Lac Ste. Anne County's portion as compared to the other jurisdiction and what specifically are the funds for? 

This will vary from municipality to municipality, and you should contact the applicable municipality to determine their funding levels to specific programs, services and/or facilities. 

The funding for Lac Ste. Anne County’s Recreation Facility & Program Assistance Grant can be used for operations, capital (renovations/retrofits) or a combination.   

Click Here to view the Recreation Facility & Program Assistance Grant Policy 

Isn’t there a grant available from the Provincial Government to support the Alberta Beach Boat Launch?  And what is Alberta Beach's portion? 

The County is not aware of provincial grant funding available for municipally managed boat-launches. Alberta Beach holds the maintenance and operational responsibility for this launch and contributes significantly to it (total annual budget is approximately $30,000 to $60,000 dependent on the work needed in any given year (e.g.: when dredging is required the budget increases). 

Lac Ste. Anne County Council believes that County residents access this facility on a regular basis, and therefore contribute funds to offset those costs. The Boat Launch & Beach are contemplated through the Lac Ste. Anne County/Alberta Beach Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Agreement

Beachwave Park, what are we expending $8,000 on per year? 

The Beachwave Park program is managed by the Alberta Beach & District Agricultural Society but has a stakeholder group that meets twice annually and includes various representatives from community groups and participating municipalities, including Lac Ste. Anne County representation.  Each of these stakeholder groups contributes funding. 

More information about this program can be found on the Alberta Beach website. 

This funding is contemplated through the Lac Ste. Anne County/Alberta Beach Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Agreement

If the County previously funded the Mayerthorpe Fair Rodeo $500 why the increase to $2,000? 

The $2,000 is proposed at $500 for the rodeo and $1,500 for the fair. County Council believes these types of community events are beneficial opportunities to support community development.  As such, the proposed allotment of ‘up to’ $2,000 is being recommended for all large community fairs throughout the County.   

Why fund the Onoway Curling Association $25,000? 

Unlike many recreation facilities throughout the province, the Onoway Curling Rink is owned/operated by a community association instead of the municipality. $25,000 is allocated to the Association to assist with operational and capital costs as they require.  

Similarly, $25,000 is allocated to the Mayerthorpe Curling Society.  

These are the two curling rinks within our borders. 

Can you provide the financial statement for the Rich Valley Agricultural Society for $119,500?  And what specifically is this money for?  

The Rich Valley Agricultural Society is a standalone Not-for-Profit organization, and the County has no authority to provide their financial statements. 

$119,500 is allocated specifically for the operations/maintenance and/or capital project(s) of the Arena. Unlike many arenas throughout the province, the Agricultural Society owns/operates this facility rather than the municipality.    

Note that the County provides $119,500 to each of the arenas within the County – Mayerthorpe, Onoway, Sangudo & Rich Valley. 

Ste Anne Natural Gas, while it’s a good program, why do they need funds from the County? Have you taken a look at their Financial Statements?  Once you start funding various fund-raising organizations you set a precedent, and there are multiple cancer organizations for children.   

Lac Ste. Anne County values our relationship with Ste. Anne Natural Gas (SANG) and is supportive of this initiative. The funds are not held for SANG; the proceeds of this event are donated to Kids with Cancer Society. 

What is the difference between the two-line items for the “Town of Mayerthorpe?” 

$119,500 is directed to the Mayerthorpe Exhibition Centre (Arena) 

$35,000 is directed to the Mayerthorpe Aquatic Centre (Pool) 

Both are contemplated in the Lac Ste. Anne County/Town of Mayerthorpe Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Agreement

Funding for the Elmer Elson Elementary School? Why this school?  When you fund one school you set a precedent for all schools to receive equal funding. If the program is part of the core curriculum, rate payers are already paying school taxes, so it’s like double-dipping. 

The funding is specific to extracurricular athletic programming, much like minor hockey or minor ball as examples. These funds are not intended for core-curriculum. 

$1,000 is proposed for each school within the County boundaries:  

Darwell School, Elmer Elson Elementary School (Mayerthorpe), Grasmere School (Alberta Beach), Onoway Elementary School, Rich Valley School, Mayerthorpe Jr/Sr High School, Onoway Jr/Sr High School. 

What is Envirothon? 

Envirothon is an environmental competition for high-school students. Click Here for more information.

How many municipalities in the province have a Special Recreation Tax Bylaw?    

Each municipality can set their own bylaws and govern themselves in accordance with their municipal Council direction; the County is unaware of how many municipalities have chosen to create similar bylaws.    

Response dated July 27, 2023

Growth and Compliance Questions

Planning & Development

Heather Down ASP — What has the County determined in this regard?

Based on the overall feedback from ratepayers, this grant funded project has been cancelled by County Council via resolution: 183-2023 MOVED BY Councillor Lorne Olsvik that Council directs Administration to cancel the Heather Down Area Structure Plan project. Carried.

Response dated July 18, 2023

Road Use Agreement

Please provide the bylaw or policy that has come into effect that indicates that farmers must enter into a road use agreement with Lac Ste. Anne County.

Policy 04-040-013 — Road Use Haul Agreement, enforced via Bylaw 22-2021 — Regulation of Traffic Bylaw (or the Traffic Safety Act where applicable) are available on the County website.

Enforcement of the Road Use Agreement, as it pertains to agricultural producers, has been limited to Intensive Livestock Operations (ILO’s) when road bans are in place.  

Response dated July 20, 2023

Infrastructure Questions

Solid Waste Utility / Waste Commission

What is the relationship between the County and the Commission? Who is the contact person?

The Highway 43 Waste Commission is formed by 16 municipalities, who make up a board of seven (7) members:

Two (2) Lac Ste. Anne County elected officials (Councillor George Vaughan, Councillor Lorne Olsvik), with Reeve Joe Blakeman being an ex officio member,

One (1) Town of Onoway elected official,

One (1) Town of Mayerthorpe elected official,

One (1) Alberta Beach elected official, and

Two (2) Summer Village elected officials.

It is managed by Lac Ste. Anne County; the Commission is a separate corporate entity. 

The rate increase is approved by the Board of the Commission, which as noted above, includes representation from the various municipalities that form the Commission. The increase is directly related to inflation costs over the past couple of years.  

The current contact for the Commission is Mike Primeau. 

Response dated July 18, 2023

Operations Questions

County Administration Office Deficiencies

Who took possession of the Administration Building on behalf of Lac Ste. Anne County and signed it off as accepted?

Regarding taking possession of the Administration Building and approving acceptance: the County relied on the project managers, architects, and engineers that the County retained who were responsible for the project. 

How was the decision made to pay out the Builders Lien Caveat that was placed by Casman on the Administration Building and subsequently released on November 17, 2017? Who authorized this payout and was there a motion to do so? Please provide supporting documentation.  

Regarding resolution of any Builders’ Liens arising from construction of the Lac Ste. Anne County Administration Building: the County followed the advice of legal counsel in resolving them. In accordance with the Freedom Of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act), those documents cannot be released.

All Council motions can be found in the Agendas & Minutes section of the County website.

Please provide all Engineers reports, structural reports and any other relevant reports that have been conducted and paid for by Lac Ste Anne County.  

Regarding engineering and other reports: beyond those that have already been posted on the Lac Ste. Anne County website, this information cannot be provided for the reasons indicated above. 

Response dated October 26, 2023

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