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Property Taxes are Due and Payable by June 30 each year.

Your property tax notice consists of amounts for municipal taxes; education taxes; the new provincial policing protocol; the seniors housing requisition; and, if applicable, local improvement levies and special taxes. Property taxes are for the full calendar year (January 1 to December 31).

Property owners have the option of making consecutive monthly property tax payments as opposed to a single, annual lump sum payment.

When you enrol in the County's Tax Prepayment Plan (TPP), your monthly instalment payment is automatically adjusted to reflect any change in the current year’s tax levy. Your property tax notice will indicate the adjusted monthly payment amount.

There are numerous benefits to enrolling in the County's TPP program, including:

  • No waiting in line to make payments
  • No missed deadlines
  • No concerns about payments being lost in the mail
  • No tax penalties (as long as monthly payments are kept current)
  • No burdensome lump sum payments

Your Tax Account Must Be in Good Standing

As a property owner, you can enroll in the County's Tax prepayment Plan at any time; however, your tax account must be paid in full for you to be eligible for the plan.

To get started, complete the pre-authorized monthly installment tax payment plan agreement and bring the original, signed copy to the County Administration Office during regular business hours.

Penalties on Outstanding Property Taxes

Penalties on current taxes (not including the Tax Prepayment Plan) will result in a penalty of 9% of the unpaid balance of the current taxes, which will be added to, and form part of, the unpaid tax on July 1 of the year of taxation.

A further penalty of 9% of the unpaid balance of the current taxes will be added to, and form part of, the unpaid tax on January 1 of the year of taxation.

Please note that tax prepayment properties do not receive penalty applications.

Penalties on the total balance outstanding as of January 1 and July 1 will incur a 9% penalty.

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Keep an Eye Out for Your May Tax Notice

Lac Ste. Anne County mails its property tax & assessment notices to ratepayers in May, with a payment deadline of June 30. On occasion, however, a tax notice will not arrive at its proper destination.

If you don’t receive your tax & assessment notice within the month of May, or if you simply want to confirm that your current mailing address is on file, please contact the County Administration Office.

If you've purchased a new property within the past three months, please contact the County Administration Office to ensure we have your correct mailing information on file.

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