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When emergency responders need to find your home or business, every second counts.

If you require Fire, RCMP or ambulance services, the importance of proper signage cannot be overstated. Help us help you by making sure your municipal address sign can be clearly read from the street or road.

If you need a rural address sign, you can pick up an application form at the County Administration Office, or simply download the form below.

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If you're undertaking any residential, commercial or industrial development, remember that the cost to procure and install a municipal rural addressing sign is the responsibility of the property owner, occupant, or developer.

Such signage must be erected within three months after receipt of an approved development permit from the development officer.

Bylaw 21-2021 requires that all parcels of land supporting residential, commercial and industrial development with a primary access onto a developed public road right-of-way be assigned an address by the County, and the address must be posted,

Oil & Gas Gets a Pass

The exception to the County's mandatory signage bylaw is oil & gas industry development, which is regulated by Alberta's Energy Resources Conservation Board.

You can order signs through Lac Ste. Anne County, or from another signage supplier. You're also welcome to make your own signs — as long as they conform to the specifications set out in the County's rural addressing guidelines.

Know Your Rural Address

Those living in rural areas can have two addresses: a mailing address, and a municipal address (street address). Your municipal address is that blue sign at the end of the driveway.

While a municipal address helps emergency responders or courier services find your property, it doesn’t suffice as a mailing address. The County cannot mail correspondence to a municipal address; a current mailing address is required.

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