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Addressing is integral to the County’s Geographic Information System (GIS), the 911 emergency response system and other essential public services.

The County mails important notices to its residents several times each year. Sometimes this correspondence goes astray due to an incorrect or out-of-date mailing address on file with the County. As more and more households abandon their land lines, it becomes increasingly problematic for County administrators to maintain accurate contact information.

Regular addressing updates are forwarded to the 911 control center to ensure that they have the most current information and are able to effectively coordinate a response in all emergency situations.

Spot payments green

Not receiving any correspondence from the County? You may be missing time-sensitive opportunities or important deadlines.

A letter from the County may be your chance to appeal your property’s assessed value, or the ability to have your say on your neighbour’s proposed development of a big gravel hauling business next to you. Even worse — it may be a letter indicating your property is going up for public auction due to tax arrears!

If you haven’t received your tax & assessment notice this year, or if you just want to confirm that your mailing address is on file, please call the County Administration Office at 780.785.3411.

Mailing Address vs. Municipal Address

Those living in rural areas can have two addresses: a mailing address, and a municipal address (street address). Your municipal address is that blue sign at the end of the driveway.

While a municipal address helps emergency responders or courier services find your property, it doesn’t suffice as a mailing address. The County cannot mail correspondence to a municipal address; a current mailing address is required.

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