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By building a people-first website that's focused on service delivery, we actually gain efficiencies and reduce operational costs.

Studies have shown that in-person transactions costs organizations an average of $6.50 per incident. Telephone transactions cost organizations about $4.00.

These same transactions cost roughly ten cents when they're facilitated online.

This doesn't mean we'll ever abandon face-to-face interactions at the County. It just means we're finding increasingly efficient ways to deliver services to our ratepayers.

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We want to offer the best experience that we can, so we built an entirely new version of

Our website is a highly important communications channel that provides information and services to residents, business owners and visitors who are interested in, and commonly interact with, the County and its departments. In this spirit, the new County website has been purpose-built to meet evolving needs of our County and its citizens.

As you browse the new platform, we invite you to take notice of:

  • How quickly and smoothly every page appears onscreen
  • The clean, contemporary design with lots of great photos of our beautiful communities
  • A menu that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and accomplish tasks quickly
  • A design that fits all screen sizes — from laptops to tablets and mobile phones

Website Redesign FAQ

Why a new website?

The previous version of was launched way back in 2016 — which is an eternity in the rapidly-evolving digital age. It was becoming increasingly difficult to meet the standards of usability, design and service delivery that are expected by staff, citizens and other stakeholders.

Clearly, the time had come to modernize the site's technology, improve the user experience, and add useful features like online payments and permit applications. In doing so, we're positioning the County for optimal service delivery and sustained success.

I'm not a techie. How will this new website impact me?

From the drawing board right up launch day, accessibility has been our primary focus. A great deal of effort has gone into creating a website that's easy for everyone to use — regardless of age or technical proficiency.

From larger, more legible typestyles and intuitive navigational structure to rock-solid search capabilities, this platform has been purpose-built for service delivery.

My internet access isn't the best. Will I be able to use the new website?

"New" doesn't have to mean heavy, slow or complicated. In fact, this website is just the opposite. Any extraneous code or unnecessary features have been eliminated. Everything has been optimized to the degree possible. For example: we've reduced the file size of all images by 85% site-wide with no quality loss. The end result is a fast, user-friendly platform that's purpose-built for delivering information, services and resources to the citizens of Lac Ste. Anne County.

We're excited about how well the new website performs — and we hope you will be too!

What's next

We are working toward adding ecommerce functionality to the new County website. Soon, you'll have the convenient option of paying common County fees online — like taxes, utilities and permit applications.

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