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The Subdivision & Development Appeal Board (SDAB) hears appeals about decisions made by Lac Ste. Anne County, and provides a determination based on evidence presented.

Anyone who claims to be affected by a development and who wishes to lodge an appeal against any of the conditionally-approved developments must do so in writing to the Secretary of the SDAB on or before the dates as noted in each notice.

Ways to Pay

Appeal fees can be paid by cheque made payable to Lac Ste. Anne County. If an appeal is filed in person at the County administration office, payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard or debit card.

A non-refundable fee of $250.00 must be paid for every appeal served on the SDAB. However, stop order appeals will incur a non-refundable fee of $450.00.

Common Questions About the Subdivision & Development Appeal Board

What is the Subdivision & Development Appeal Board?

The County's Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) is an independent quasi-judicial body appointed by County Council to hear appeals from individuals who have been affected by the Development or Subdivision authority.

The SDAB makes impartial decisions based on evidence presented, applying the principles of justice and procedural fairness. These decisions shape the community and affect the lives of developers, neighbours, citizens and businesses.

What happens at a SDAB hearing?

The Chairman will announce each appeal and the Development or Subdivision Officer will be called upon to present their application. The Chairman will then hear:

  • Appellant(s) (the person(s) appealing)
  • Individual(s) against the appeal
  • Others wishing to speak to the appeal
  • Questions from the board Rebuttal from the appellant(s)
What can be appealed?

A decision of the Development Officer, Subdivision Authority or Municipal Planning Commission in relation to a stop order, a development permit application or a subdivision application. The most commonly appealed decisions are:

  • An order of the Development Authority to stop construction or the present use of a property
  • A development permit decision
  • A subdivision decision
Who can appeal?

Anyone who claims to be affected and who wishes to lodge an appeal against any of the conditionally approved developments must do so in writing to the Secretary of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board on or before the dates as indicated on each notice.

How to appeal?

Submit an appeal request on the designated form along with the appeal fee to the SDAB secretary within the required timeline. The completed appeal form must be submitted to:

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Secretary
c/o Lac Ste Anne County
56521 Range Road 65 Sangudo, AB T0E 2A0
Email: [email protected]

How to prepare for the hearing?

The Appeal Board staff will not act as an agent, counsel or advocate to any party, nor will they offer an opinion on the merit or lack of merit of any appeal. Information provided by the Appeal Board staff is for your assistance only, it cannot be construed as legal advice nor will it assure you of a favourable decision.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to present evidence to support their application or respond to the issues raised by the appellant(s) or affected parties. The applicant should not rely on the Development or Subdivision Authority to make the case for them.

When you are preparing your presentation, consider asking these types of questions:

Development Potential

  • What are the range of uses available or allowed on the subject site?
  • What density, height and form are possible?

Policy Considerations

  • Determine the relevant policy plan for your community.
  • Does the project meet those expectations?

Impact of Potential Development

  • What would be the impact caused by traffic, parking and on-site activities generated by the proposed development or business?
  • What would be the impact from the height, massing, shadowing or other physical features?


  • How does the proposed development fit into the established streetscape pattern of the community?
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