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Surprisingly, not everyone who who joins our team is an adrenaline junkie.

At Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services, we look for people from different age brackets and diverse backgrounds. Some train up for active response roles while others provide vital administrative or community education support.

"It can be scary. You’re gonna fail. You’re gonna have times when you’re not sure it’s not for you. But as soon as you get on that truck and go to your first call, you’ll be hooked."
- Active-duty firefighter, Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services

Ever thought about becoming a Firefighter or EMT, or just helping your community? Now's your chance to make it happen!

Whether you're a first response veteran or a community member looking for a new challenge, we have a role for you.

Not looking to participate as an active Firefighter, but still interested in supporting your community? There are many ways you can leverage your background, experience and passion for volunteering...and we'd love to have you on board.

Review the membership types on this page. If you see yourself in one of these roles and want to get the ball rolling, submit an expression of interest form.

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Active Firefighter/Responder

Our Firefighter/Responder membership is for those interested in providing active response to your community. In this role, you must actively train, and you must be available for response while you live or work in one of Lac Ste. Anne County's communities.

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Cadet Program

If you live in Lac Ste. Anne County and are 15-17 years of age, you can participate in our cadet program.

Get all access to stations, take part in training (except interior live fire), and ride along on responses. Be part of the action!

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We need volunteers to tow trailers; transfer inventory; and provide food and sustenance to responders from time to time at emergency scenes or back at the station. You could also be an on-call resource for bringing out our rehabilitation trailer, air support trailer, etc.

Try a public education or community engagement role on for size.

We give you a uniform and an education, plus all the equipment you need to champion and spread fire safety know-how for citizens of all ages — not just during annual Fire Prevention Week campaigns, but all year long.

In one of these public-facing roles, you'll be responsible for supporting active members in providing this part of our essential service, and for ensuring it happens — regardless of how busy we are responding to emergencies.

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