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From hay bales to holdover fires, there are so many ways a fire can start on the farm.

Established fire safety programs are vital to reducing these risks and preventing devastating and costly fires. Farm FireSmart is just such a program.

Conceived in 2019 by County Fire Chief Randy Schroeder, Farm FireSmart is designed to help identify and address the unique challenges faced by farmers, ranchers and acreage owners as they prepare for wildfire — or better yet, prevent its occurrence in the first place.

An intermunicipal education and outreach program with its roots in rural Alberta.

If your life and livelihood are rooted in the ag sector, Farm FireSmart is for you. Explore the videos, infosheets and tools to help you minimize potential risks and leverage opportunities.

As new agriculturally-specific threats, incentives or educational opportunities arise, Farm FireSmart will evolve in tandem.

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