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Rural addressing is a standardized system of identifying and locating rural properties.

In 2002, Lac Ste. Anne County began putting into effect a municipal rural addressing system for use by emergency service providers, and for other purpose s such as providing directions for delivery services.

Bylaw 21-2021 requires that all parcels of land supporting residential, commercial and industrial development with a primary access onto a developed public road right-of-way be assigned an address by Lac Ste. Anne County; and that such address must be posted.

Oil & Gas Get a Pass

Oil & gas producers are excluded from the County's rural addressing policy. These extraction sites are regulated by Alberta's Energy Utilities Board (EUB).

Rural addressing sign procurement and placement costs for residential, commercial and industrial development are the responsibility of the property owner, occupant, or developer. Such signage shall be erected within three months after receipt of an approved development permit from the development officer.

Signs can be ordered through Lac Ste. Anne County, or procured from another supplier. You can also make your own rural addressing signs —as long as they conform to the specifications set out in the County's rural addressing guidelines.

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