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About Lorne

Lorne and his wife Carol reside in the Onoway area.

He's passionate member of the Water Research Council and a past president of the AUMA.

He was elected to council in 2004.

A long-time FCM board member.

Lorne channels his passion for this region through his valuable work on the WILD and North 43 Commissions.

Terms on Council

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Board & Committee Appointments

  • Municipal Committee
  • East End Bus Committee
  • Darwell Wastewater Lagoon Commission - Alternate
  • First Nations Committee
  • Hwy 43 East Waste Commission
  • North 43 Lagoon Commission
  • Onoway Inter-Municipal Development Committee
  • Onoway Regional Medical Clinic Board of Directors
  • Shop Committee
  • West Inter Lake District (WILD) Water Commission
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