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About Lloyd

Lloyd Giebelhaus has helped steward Lac Ste. Anne County for more than a decade, serving alternately as Reeve and Councillor over successive terms. Lloyd was born and raised on a farm near Vegreville, but has resided near the small community of Sangudo for more than 50 years. 

A retired farmer and professional agrologist, Lloyd is actively involved in the ag community through his participation on the Agricultural Service Board. He has also served as a public member of the Alberta Veterinarian Review Board.

Lloyd is a consistent voice for fiscal responsibility and resourceful municipal service provision, and works with his fellow Councillors to foster economic development across the region.

Lloyd is a strong advocate for FCSS programming for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Terms on Council

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Board & Committee Appointments

  • Municipal Committee
  • Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)
  • Agricultural Services Board
  • Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Athabasca Watershed Advisory Committee
  • West End Bus Committee
  • Campground, Parks and Outdoor Spaces Committee
  • Interlakes Regional Trail Master Plan Steering Committee
  • Mayerthorpe Inter-Municipal Development Committee
  • Mayerthorpe and LSAC Economic Development Committee - Alternate
  • Peter Trynchy Airport Committee
  • Shop Committee
  • Ste. Anne Emergency Response Centre Committee
  • Ste Anne Regional Trail Use Committee (SARTUC)
  • Upper Athabasca Watershed Council
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