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About Joe

A lifelong resident of Lac Ste. Anne County, Joe has lived on his grandfather's homestead for close to sixty years. He has been an active participant in local government since his first term on County Council in 2004.

A perpetually active participant in the community, Joe has contributed his time, money and expertise volunteering for a variety of organizations since his youth. Joe has been a member of the Alberta Beach & District Lions Club for more than twenty years; serving two terms as President. He was also a member of the Alberta Beach & District Hall board member and chairman for more than twenty years.

Joe's enduring passion for the communities of Lac Ste. Anne, combined with his deep historical understanding of the region, adds considerable value to Council discussions about growth, development, and the pursuit of opportunities.

Reeve Blakeman is an Ex Officio member of all committees listed below.

Terms on Council

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Board & Committee Appointments

  • Municipal Committee
  • Alberta Beach IDP Committee
  • Beachwave Park Committee
  • Darwell Wastewater Lagoon Commission
  • First Nations Committee
  • LILSA Water Quality Management Society
  • Peter Trynchy Airport Committee
  • Shop Committee
  • Ste Anne Regional Lake Use Committee (SARLUC)
  • Ste Anne Regional Trail Use Committee (SARTUC)
  • Swede Moren Park Committee
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