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The items below focus on key decisions and issues that have emerged from the April 25, 2024 Council meeting.

Not a Complete Summary

Council meeting highlights are not a complete meeting summary; nor do they replace official Council meeting minutes. To view published official minutes, please visit the Agendas & Minutes section of the County website.

Audited Financial Statements

The Metrix Group's presentation of the County's 2023 Financial Statements noted findings of a clean audit with a “fair and reasonable representation of what happened at the County in 2023”.  All records were in order and the County is in a healthy financial position.

Tax Rate Bylaw 09-2024

Council passed the 2024 Tax Rate Bylaw, reflecting a 2.48% increase for 2024. On average, homeowners with a single-family property valued at $300,000.00 can anticipate paying $1519.06 in municipal taxes. Additional taxes are also collected on behalf of Provincial Education, RCMP, and the Lac Ste. Anne Foundation (Seniors Housing).

2024 Operating Budget and Capital Budget

Council has endorsed the 2024 Budget along with a three-year operating plan, embodying strategic measures aimed at enhancing efficiency and fiscal prudence. Notable inclusions are tax incentives tailored for small businesses and a streamlined vehicle fleet, indicative of our commitment to reducing costs and optimizing operational efficacy.

Fire Services Amending Bylaw 15-2024

Council passed the Fire Services Amending Bylaw, amending Fire Services Bylaw 29-2020. The amendment incorporates the banning of recreational use of ATV/UTV's when weather conditions contribute to fire hazard such as during a fire advisory or fire ban.

Sangudo Riverside Campground & Day Use Area Enhancement

County Council approved funding in the amount of $100,000 from the Public Land Reserve for the completion of necessary assessments and reports (e.g. Phase II Environmental Assessment, Traffic Impact Assessment, etc.) and planning phase of the Sangudo Riverside Campground and Day Use Area Enhancement project.

Special Recreation Services Tax Bylaw 13-2024

Council passed 2nd and 3rd readings to Special Recreation Services Tax Bylaw 13-2024 which is estimated to generate $692,500 of funding. The purpose of this fund is to invest in public recreation facilities, amenities, programs, and activities throughout Lac Ste. Anne County.

Volunteer Firefighter Tax Credit Increase Announcement

County Fire Chief reported to Council that through the Federal Budget 2024 announcement, the Income Tax Act will be amended to increase the Volunteer Firefighter Tax Credit from $3,000 to $6,000. This is a recognized benefit to recruitment and retention of our volunteers.

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