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The items below focus on key decisions and issues that have emerged from the April 16, 2024 Council meeting.

Not a Complete Summary

Council meeting highlights are not a complete meeting summary; nor do they replace official Council meeting minutes. To view published official minutes, please visit the Agendas & Minutes section of the County website.

Approval of Interim Reduction of Speed Limit in Winkelman Beach

Pending signage changes, the speed limit in Winkelman Beach will be lowered from 50 km/hr to 40 km/hr, aligning with those in the County of Barrhead. There will be a one-year trial period to collect data and survey residents with the goal of creating a permanent solution of safer roadways for residents and visitors alike. 

Approval of Bylaw 23-2014-01-2024

This bylaw amendment, which enables the subdivision of one or two lots within hamlets without necessitating an Area Structure Plan, marks a step toward facilitating community development. Responding to the expressed interest from multiple community groups, this amendment aims to invigorate County hamlets, fostering sustainable growth and vitality. 

Passing of LUB Amendment 22-2017-01-2024

With the rezoning of two parcels of County land in the Hamlet of Sangudo to Commercial Recreation; this is just one step to overall redevelopment of the Sangudo Racetrack lands. The County has already completed a Phase 1 environmental assessment with Phase II scheduled this spring. The County continues to actively work at developing an ASP, finalizing a stormwater management plan, and assessing traffic impact assessment; ensuring the project unfolds in accordance with regulations and best practices. 

Approval of Assessment Sub Class Bylaw 11-2024

While the amendments approved impact only four businesses within the County, it establishes different taxation zones, promoting equitable distribution of the tax burden across various use classes. Without this Bylaw, which has been in place for over 25 years, the overall tax rates on a single-family home would increase on average by 4%. 

Passing of Solid Waste Utility Bylaw 06-2024

Second and third readings of this bylaw resulted in the setting of the 2024 Solid Waste (Garbage) Utility Rate, reflecting a modest increase of 4% due to inflationary pressures and the necessary replacement of aging equipment. The new Utility rate is $197.29.

First Reading of the Special Recreation Tax Bylaw 13-2024

Setting a special tax of $100 per property. The revenue generated, amounting to $692,000, will directly support a diverse array of recreational activities, facilities, organizations, and service groups, enriching the fabric of County life.

Administration Office Settlement Investment Options

The County has allocated the $8,456,000 from the building settlement towards a three-year GIC. With prudent management, we anticipate significant returns, projecting the fund to reach $9,839,306 by the end of the three-year term, bolstering our capacity for future initiatives and investments.

Accepted for Information, correspondence received from the Honorable Todd Lowen, Minister Forestry and Parks regarding preparations for the upcoming 2024 Fire Season

County Fire Chief Randy Schroeder spoke to this and outlined specific steps Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services has undertaken preparing for the upcoming wildfire season – including ensuring proper staffing levels across all stations, preparing existing equipment, conducting ongoing drills, acquiring new respiratory and personal protective equipment for personnel, new drone surveillance, and participating in and hosting regional certification training.

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