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The 5 year CAP Agreement (2018-2023) and CAP Water Program wrap up this month. While applications are still being accepted, applicants are encouraged to complete their project and submit applications as soon as possible.

  • Any wells or projects that are already started must be completed and a complete application must be received before the program closes to be considered for a grant. Applications received for projects that are not complete will not be accepted.
  • A completed new well project must include:
    • Complete well construction including drilling, casing and annular seal
    • Complete 2 hr pump + 2 hr recovery test including drawdown and recovery measurements
    • An installed Vermin Proof Cap (a Sanitary Well Seal is an acceptable alternative for pasture wells or temporary caps, and bored wells must have a proper fitting lid)
    • An installed/attached Well ID tag issued by Alberta Environment and Protected Areas
    • Proof of a water licence application for wells that require it
  • If applying for other eligible projects (including well decommissioning, well pit removals, cisterns, etc) they must also be complete.

For agricultural clients that are considering drilling a new well (or other water project) in the near future, you are encouraged to wait until after April 1, 2023. The new Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (Sustainable CAP) will be replacing the current agreement, and while there are no details on new programs that have been announced, work is underway to develop programs under the new agreement. We are anticipating a water program under the new agreement and we will share details as soon as we have them. We do know that any water projects that are started prior to April 1, 2023 will not be eligible under a future Sustainable CAP water program.

Additional Information

For general information about the CAP Water Program:

Other CAP Water Program information:


For questions please email [email protected] or contact a water specialist directly:

  • Joe Harrington, Lethbridge | 403-381-5846
  • Shawn Elgert, Barrhead | 780-674-8215
  • Dan Benson, Peace River | 780-624-6532

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