Transfer Station Cards

Show your Transfer Station Card Before you Dump

To use County transfer stations, all residents must present their Transfer Station Card, in addition to a valid, government-issued piece of photo identification to the site operator. Applications for a Transfer Station Card are available through the County office.

If you are a Property Owner in Lac Ste. Anne County, and did not receive your Transfer Station cards, please contact the Administration Office at 1.866.880.5722 or 780.785.3411.

If you've lost your Transfer Station cards, you can contact the County Administration Office at 1.866.880.5722 or 780.785.3411 to obtain new cards at a cost of $15.00.

To activate your Transfer Station cards, a completed Solid Waste Activation form is required. The Activation form can be obtained by visiting the Lac Ste. Anne County website at WWW.LSAC.CA. Completed forms can be mailed to Lac Ste. Anne County at Box 219 Sangudo, AB T0E 2A0 or emailed to LSAC@LSAC.CA. Once both your Utility Fee and your Solid Waste Activation Form are processed, your Transfer Station cards will be activated within five business days. Please note some exemptions do apply to the Solid Waste Utility. An exemption will be made if you:

• Are a resident of Sangudo;
• Have a contract with a third-party waste hauler; or
• Are the owner of multiple properties and are paying the Solid Waste Fee on your primary residence

Please contact the Administration Office if you have questions about any of the exemptions, and whether they apply to you.

Solid Waste Utility FAQ

The Solid Waste Utility has been created to make billing of this essential service equal for everyone who owns or rents residential properties within Lac Ste. Anne County. Answers to some of the common questions that have arisen as a result of this change are listed below.

The utility applies to all Lac Ste. Anne County residents that own residential improved properties. If the bill remains unpaid past July 31, 2019, the amount will be subject to standard utility collection.

Once your Transfer Station card has been activated, the Transfer Station Attendant will scan your card to ensure the card is valid. You must also provide identification to the Attendant to ensure the card holder is the person authorized to use the Transfer Stations.

The landlord of your rented property must complete a Tenant Account Assignment Form assigning you as a Transfer Station card holder. You will be billed the utility amount along with a one-time deposit of $215.00, which is refundable upon moving from your rented property.

The amount is due upon receipt of the bill. Any unpaid utility amounts are subject to a 3.5% penalty as of July 1, 2019.

To obtain a new Transfer Station card, you must contact the Administration Office and pay a $15.00 card replacement fee.

You need to complete a "Sign Off' form to close your Solid Waste Utility account with the County. Please note that Transfer Station cards are non-transferable.

The barcode scanners used by the Transfer Station Attendants have limited space to display owner names. Because photo ID is also required in order for the names to match, the County had to limit the cards to two people.

You may qualify for Transfer Station fee exemptions under certain conditions. Please call the Administration Office to see if your property qualifies. Generally speaking, an exemption will be made if you:

• Are a resident of Sangudo;
• Have contracted a third-party waste hauler; or
• Are the owner of multiple properties.

Subsidy No Longer Required for Solid Waste Utility

The 2019 Lac Ste. Anne County Solid Waste Utility Rate has been established at $13.75 per month ($165 per year) for each property required to participate in the Solid Waste Utility. This new rate represents a 42% decrease in rates from 2015 to 2019. In actual dollars, this equates to an overall decrease over five years of $4.17 per month, or $50 per year user user.

Prior to 2016, solid waste services were charged as a variable rate based on property assessment and included in the annual property taxes. This rate was based on property assessment values rather than usage of the County’s solid waste program. Because this system created widespread inequities, Council opted to move from a general taxation model to a pay-per-use model, and the Solid Waste Utility was established.

Realizing that there would be a period of adjustment as the Solid Waste Utility program achieved momentum and operational costs could normalize, Council opted to subsidize these rates to offset the cost to each user. Due to streamlined operations and lower operational costs, 2019 has the lowest projected budget since the inception of the utility in 2016. By comparison, the 2015 budget was $1,666,300 and the 2019 budget is $972,403.

2019 is the first year that the Solid Waste Utility will charge an unsubsidized rate. This has resulted in a successful transition that now reflects a true pay-per-use model with no undue costs to the taxpayer.

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