Knox Box Program

Rapid First-Response Premises Entry

As part of a collaborative regional initiative, Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services has adopted the Knox Box program — and with it, a system that allows first responders to gain access to a home within seconds in a life-threatening or critical situation.

The County-approved Knox Box program adheres to the National Fire Code (Alberta) requirements of an installation of a Key Lock Box.

Knox Box
The opt-in Knox Box program facilitates rapid first-response premises entry.

Key Benefits of the Knox Box Program

  • Increased security, including an optional tamper switch that can be connected to the premise's intrusion alarm

  • Decreased incidences of operational issues, such as keys stored inside jamming the exposed lock mechanisms

  • Audited trails of when the key lock box is accessed using the E-KeySecure system

  • Removed reliance on power supply or batteries like other boxes on the market that use electronic keys

  • Improved Fire Services Facility Key Management Provides Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services with access to your building and systems during incident response

  • Less damage potential due to forcible entry measures where keys cannot be found during emergency situations

Knox Box QuickStart


Download this one-page QuickStart Guide to help you select, install and activate your Knox Box.

Learn More about the Knox Box Program

If your business is protected by a fire alarm and/or sprinkler system, or you have elevators in your building, you will need to install a fire department lock box. A demonstration of the system can be provided at the County Administration Office. Alternately, a Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services representative can bring a remote training box to a location of your choice.

Key Lock Box Program Regulations

The National Fire Code – Alberta Edition (2019) requires the installation of a Key Lock Box that is approved by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) in all buildings that are equipped with:

  • A fire alarm system where control features, including those for emergency voice communication systems, are located hind a locked panel
  • A fire alarm system where manually operated device requires a key or device in order to be reset
  • A fire alarm system where the electrical circuit breaker is located within a locked panel or room
  • An automatic sprinkler system where the main control valve is locked in the open position
  • Firefighting standpipe and water supply connection in a locked room or area such as on a roof
  • A Key operated elevator control feature that will permit exclusive use of elevators to firefighting personnel only
  • A key operated elevator control feature that will switch selected elevator so operate on emergency power
  • Stairway doors that have been locked on the stairway side in conformance with the National Building Code – Alberta Edition
  • Locked access doors to a roof provided for firefighting purposes
Facilities that provide 24hr staffing are exempted by Lac Ste. Anne County provided current keys are available; informed staff that will meet Fire Services on-site; and a pre-fire plan has been completed with Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services.

To schedule a demonstration, or for more details on purchasing a Knox Box and participating in this new opt-in safety program, please contact Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services at 780.785.3411 (toll-free 1.866.880.5722) or rschroeder (@) For more information on the Lock Box system, visit

Get Started with the Lock Box Program Today

Order a Knox Box

1. Order Your Knox Box

Visit the Knox Box Website and click the big red BUY button at the top right of the screen.

In the pop-up window, select Alberta as your location, then type Lac St Anne Co Fire Svcs into the second window (this window will auto-complete as soon as you start typing 'lac'). Then click Select to be taken to the Products page.

On the Products page, select the Knox Box you wish to purchase. County-approved models include the KnoxBox 3200 and KnoxVault 4400 for commercial application; and the Knox HomeBox and Knox Residential Box for non-commercial use. Configure your product options. Then add the Knox Box to your cart, complete the order form and click Submit.
Complete Your Knox Box Purchase

2. Complete Your Knox Purchase

After you submit your order, Fire Prevention will review the order to make sure the appropriate Knox Box has been selected and ordered.

Once the Fire Prevention eApproval is complete, an email will be sent to the address you provided when you ordered your Knox Box. This email will confirm that your order has been approved.

Click the link provided in your confirmation email to submit your payment information and complete your order. The retail cost of a standard Knox-Box is approximately $750 CAD.
Install Your Knox Box

3. Install and Activate

Lock boxes must be mounted so the top of the box is 1.5 metres (five feet) from the ground and located at the principal entrance to the building. To ensure the safety of your keys, lock boxes must be mounted following the manufacturer's instructions.

For multi-facility managers, Knox Boxes are recorded by serial number to specified properties. Be sure to mount the right box to the right property.

Once your Knox Box has been installed, contact the County at 780.785.3411 (toll-free 1.866.880.5722) or rschroeder (@) to request a County Fire Services representative to label and lock your keys in the lock box.