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Annual Field Surveillance Program Underway

This summer, Agricultural Services staff will be conducting seasonal crop surveillance activities across the County. Landowners are advised that inspectors are likely to enter fields unannounced due to time constraints and the sheer area of agricultural land that needs to be covered.

Rest assured that County crop survey crews will exercise extreme care when entering fields to minimize any potential spread of crop issues from field to field. Precautions include the use of disposable boots and/or disinfection with a bleach solution prior to entering any field.

Most landowners are familiar with diseases and pest issues that can affect the Lac Ste. Anne County region. However, the Agricultural Services department is always available to inform and advise landowners on these matters. For detailed information about the crop surveillance program, or for a copy of the County’s survey protocol, please call the County office at 1.866.880.5722 and speak with a friendly and knowledgeable Ag Services specialist.

About the Crop Surveillance Program

Agricultural Services inspects all canola fields for visible symptoms of clubroot on canola plants, per Policy 408 – Control of Clubroot Disease. Surveys will also be conducted for grasshoppers to aid in provincial forecasting. The grasshopper surveys will take place randomly throughout the county, and only within county ditches or along field edges. In 2019, Ag Services began surveying approximately 10% of cereal fields for Fusarium Head Blight. The selection of these fields was random, and this survey component was for informational purposes only.

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