Road Bans & Restrictions

Managing and Mitigating Infrastructure Strain

When necessary, Lac Ste. County's Public Works department implements road bans on all oiled and chip seal coat roads, including residential subdivisions. They are declared based on weather conditions and frost testing. Road bans are an effective tool for preventing road damage, reducing road maintenance costs and ensuring the roads are safer for all motorists. Some roads in Lac Ste. Anne County are more susceptible to damage than others based on factors like poor drainage and weather conditions.

When a road ban occurs, signs indicating the allowed axle percentages are posted, and the ban is monitored and enforced by Lac Ste. Anne County Enforcement Services to ensure compliance.

March 16, 2021 Road Ban Lifted as of June 1, 2021

PURSUANT TO THE AUTHORITY granted under the provisions of Section 18(1) of the Municipal Government Act, the March 16, 2021 Vehicle Axle Weight Restrictions were lifted effective 2:00 pm Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

Overweight permits will not be given out when County roads are wet after a weather event such as rain or snow.
A 75% weight restriction applies to all chip seal coat roads. Please drive accordingly.
A 75% weight restriction applies to all chip seal coat roads. Please drive accordingly.

Important Reminder About Road Bans & Restrictions

The County is responsible for the maintenance and preservation of all municipal roads, highways and bridges within its boundaries that are under its direction, control and management. A vital part of this responsibility is the protection of roadways during the spring thaw. Alberta’s all-season roads (paved or gravel) are quite fragile as frost “comes out of the ground” (melts). The roadbed becomes soft and spongy because water becomes trapped between the road surface and the layer of ice underneath.

The spring thaw can wreak havoc on regional roads when trucks, heavy equipment and heavy trailers travel over a susceptible road, causing irreversible damage, permanent cracks and potholes. This time of year can create serious structural damage to County roads and bridges if appropriate measures are not taken.

Lac Ste. Anne County has a Road Ban Order No. 06-2016 defining Maximum Allowable Weights permitted on certain municipal roads and bridges which came into effect on Thursday, September 16, 2016 and remains in effect today.

Seasonal Weight Allowances and Road Restrictions

Visit the Alberta Transportation Website for up-to-date road restrictions and seasonal weight changes. For Provincial Highways Road Ban information, call toll free 1.855.ROADBAN (1.855.762.3226).

What's in the Road Maintenance section...

All signs are posted on highways or bridges. Any breach of posted restrictions will be strictly enforced. If you’re found overweight on a banned road, penalties range from $27 per 100 kg for overloads to $47 for overloads over 5,000 kg, plus 20% for the surcharge under the Victims of Crime and Public Safety Act.

Seasonal Road Maintenance Programs

Calcium Dust Suppression Program
The purpose of the Calcium Dust Suppression Program is to assist in the reduction of the impact of dust on residential rural properties adjacent to County roadways. If you wish to participate in this program, the Application deadline is April 30 of each year.

Road Maintenance Facts & Figures

Regardless of the season, maintaining municipal roadways is a huge undertaking. Explore this infographic to learn more about what goes into the seasonal upkeep of the County's range roads and township roads.

Remember: the Province has jurisdiction over highways and secondary highways — not the County.