Building Codes & Standards

Keeping County Structures on Spec

The Safety Codes Act, Alberta Building Code, and other applicable Codes and Standards regulate how buildings are designed, built, or renovated to protect the health and safety of the occupants.

Lac Ste. Anne County is accredited for Safety Codes Approval in all areas (building, electrical, gas/propane, plumbing and private sewage disposal) except fire, primary electrical and telecommunications lines.

Obtaining all the Safety Code Permits (building, electrical, plumbing, gas, and private sewage permits) are a requirement of the Alberta Safety Codes Act. For Lac Ste. Anne County they are issued through the Planning & Development. The permits allow 90 days for completion after permit approval. If necessary, before the permit expires, you may apply for a time extension.

PLEASE NOTE: If you begin any work before obtaining a Safety Codes Permit, fees will be tripled.

Fees for Safety Codes Services Bylaw

Some of the Basics

Every new home built in Alberta is protected under warranty, thanks to Alberta's New Home Buyer Protection Act.

New homes (single detached family homes/duplexes/multi-family homes/condominiums/manufactured homes/recreational properties) include, at a minimum, a warranty for:

  • One year labour and materials
  • Two years for defects in labour and materials related to delivery and distribution systems
  • Five years building envelop protection, with a requirement for the warranty provider to offer the consumer the option to purchase additional years of coverage and,
  • 10 year coverage for major structural components.

Learn more about Alberta's better warranty standards and get to know your role at

Frequently Asked Questions:

Effective date: The Act applies only to new homes constructed under a building permit applied for on or after February 1, 2014 in-force date of the Act.

Building Code Information

 Fees for Safety Codes Services Bylaw 

 LSAC Energy Efficiency Requirements 

 Private Sewage System Setback Requirements 

 Private Sewage System Standards (Amended March 2011) 

 Re-Open Safety Code Permit 

 Safety Code Permits - Why The Need 

 Safety Codes Act 

 Time Extension Request - Safety Codes 

 When to call for Inspection (Homeowners) 

Checklists and Information

 9.36 Energy Efficiency Checklist 

 10 Electrical Service Questions 

 Building Permit Requirements Checklist 

 Deck Details July 2013 

 Detached Garage Checklist July 2013 

 Manufactured, Mobile Modular Checklist July 2013 

 Solid Fuel Burning Appliance Information July 2013 

Permit Handbook

 Commonly Asked Questions (Permit Handbook) 

 Development Permit Brochure - 2018 

 Electrical Information (Permit Handbook) 

 Non-Residential Building Information (Permit Handbook) 

 Permit Application Requirements Information (Permit Handbook) 

 Plumbing Information (Permit Handbook) 

 Private Sewage System Information (Permit Handbook) 

 Residential Building Information (Permit Handbook) 

Safety Code Application Forms

 Application for Approach Construction 

 Building Compliance Report 9.36 

 Building Permit Application Form 

 Electrical Permit Application Form 

 Gas Permit Application 

 Plumbing Permit Application 

 Private Sewage Permit Application 

 Road Closure Application 



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