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Farm Ed - Call for Expressions of Interest

The Alberta Rural Development Network is conducting a quick expression of interest survey to guide its development of an agricultural education initiative.

GROWTH Alberta Profiles the County

GROWTH Alberta has released its 2020 Economic Development Profile of Lac Ste. Anne County.

Transfer Station Attendants to Resume Card Scans

Effective the week of June 29 to July 5, 2020, all transfer station attendants will be scanning transfer station cards again.

Craft Video Series: Fun with Food Colouring

Onoway Playschool Instructor Vivian McDonald shares a special craft activity video using food colouring!

Resources for Growing Hemp in Alberta

The Government of Alberta has released new information to assist producers to make decisions regarding hemp crop production, storage, handling and risk management.

Prepare Water Systems for Re-Entry

Be alert to the potential risks in dormant water systems, and reduce those risks when preparing for re-entry.

Story Time Video & Craft Series: Camping

Community Services team members Vivian McDonald and Sheila Albertson team up to share a special camping-themed story and craft activities!

Story Time Video & Craft Series: Clouds

Community Services team members Vivian McDonald and Sheila Albertson team up to share a special cloud-themed story and craft activities!

Protecting Frost-Sensitive Plants

County Horticulturist Lorraine Taylor provides some great advice on what plants to choose and when to plant them in order to keep them safe from the effects of frost.

Sangudo Riverside Campground Questions

Seasonal campers are asked to direct any Sangudo Riverside Campground inquiries to Deep Creek Camping and Events.

Just for Kids: Playschool Garden!

Vivian McDonald and Sheila Albertson talk about seeds and takes viewers through a few cool garden-themed crafts in this counterpart to their "Planting a Rainbow" story narration!

Story Time Series: Planting a Rainbow

Vivian McDonald and Sheila Albertson narrate "Planting a Rainbow" - a special story to accompany their Playschool Garden video!

What to do After an Emergency

Knowing ahead of time what to do after an emergency can help reduce stress and aid in a quicker recovery. This handy fact sheet helps shed light on how to get started.

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