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Help Make Planning Decisions as a Public Member of the MPC

The County’s Planning & Development department is seeking public members for the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC).

Update: Weed Inspection Activities and Locations

The County’s annual weed inspection program to target noxious and prohibited noxious weeds is underway. 

Annual Weed and Crop Inspection Scheduled To Begin Soon

Reminder: Agriculture Services' countywide crop and weed inspection will commence soon

County Offers Verbenone for Mountain Pine Beetle Mitigation

Learn more about the mountain pine beetle, and how landowners can purchase Verbenone pouches from the County to mitigate infestations.

County Welcome Guide Available Online

The latest and greatest version of the County welcome guide is available as a digital download.

Make Your Mark on Shop the County

If you're a business that operates in the Lac Ste. Anne region, Shop the County was made for you. Here are the ways you can make the most of this free local directory.

Emergency Preparedness: Knowing Your Community

How does knowing your community help you become more prepared?

Are You Looking for Child Care Options?

Check out all the local licensed programs available for you to choose from.

Emergency Preparedness: Water Damage

Protecting your home against water damage and flooding this fall.

Onoway Regional Medical Clinic Welcomes New Physician

Onoway Regional Medical Clinic is pleased to welcome its newest physician, Dr. Debbie Tindall.

Emergency Preparedness: Creating a Plan

Tips for creating an emergency plan for the event of a disaster or crisis.

Motorists Advised to Obey School Bus Signals

With a new school year underway, the County reminds motorists to drive with extra caution, watch for pedestrians, and heed school bus signals.

County Adopts Knox Box Program

County Fire Services has adopted a program that provides rapid, non-destructive, emergency access to residential and commercial buildings.

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