County Discloses Detailed Grant Allocation Record

Lac Ste. Anne County has posted its 2020 recreation funding allocations to the Town of Mayerthorpe and other municipal entities and community organizations within its borders. This disclosure that was precipitated by questions regarding the type and proportion of the County’s historical grant funding allocations to the Town of Mayerthorpe.

In late February, 2021, Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) talks stalled between Lac Ste. Anne County and the Town of Mayerthorpe due to the Town’s demand for a steep and disproportionate increase in funding from the County.


Since 2016, the County has allocated more than $4M to assist its municipal neighbours and non-profit community organizations with providing recreational services, and with general operating and capital costs associated with building and enhancing recreation facilities and community halls. The Town of Mayerthorpe received close to a million of these ratepayer dollars during this time frame, representing 21% of the County’s total grant funding allocation over the last six years.

Each year the County provides financial support a great many relevant community organizations and projects consisting of distinct categories that reflect the diverse needs of all communities within the County. The Town of Mayerthorpe has historically been a primary beneficiary of the County’s grant funding allocations.

“In true Alberta fashion, we help our neighbours as we are able,” shared Lac Ste. Anne County Reeve Joe Blakeman. “One of the ways we help is through our ongoing support of the many community programs and facilities to the net benefit of everyone in the region. Our grant funding track record bears this out.”

Despite weathering multiple “black swan” events such as an extended economic downturn; diminishing funding resources; and the financial impacts of COVID-19, County residents continue to provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in broad financial support each year to a spectrum of vital recreational, cultural and social programs and services throughout the region.

“I’m always happy to engage our municipal neighbours — or County ratepayers — in a dialogue about how far we stretch our rec funding dollars each year,” continued Reeve Blakeman. “But any meaningful dialogue needs to be based on facts rather than conjecture. Our numbers speak for themselves, and our ratepayers deserve to see where their tax dollars are being spent.”

ICF agreements are now in place between the County and all bordering municipalities – with the unfortunate exception of the Town of Mayerthorpe. For more details on this evolving matter, please visit

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