County's COVID-19 Status Moved to Enhanced

As a result of escalating case numbers, effective 3:30pm on Friday, November 6, 2020, the Government of Alberta announced that all designated Watch Status regions will be moved to Enhanced Status. Lac Ste. Anne County has been within a Watch Status region since Monday, October 26, 2020.

Accordingly, and until further notice, Lac Ste. Anne County has an Enhanced Status designation, and will be held to the mandatory provincial health measures as outlined in the COVID-19 Section of the Government of Alberta website.

The current case numbers for the Lac Ste. Anne region reflect cases within all of the urban municipalities inside the County’s border plus the County’s population and can be found on the Province’s COVID-19 Relaunch Status Map.

Under Enhanced Status, the Province is closely monitoring the risk and will discuss the possible need for additional health measures with affected municipalities as required.

Presently, the County is required to follow the restrictions outlined for Enhanced Status municipalities, and strongly encourages County residents and businesses to embrace the voluntary recommendations also outlined within the Enhanced Status guidelines. The County is not adding any further measures to the provincial guidelines at this time.

Stay home if you are sick; avoid crowds and maintain physical distancing; wear a mask when unable to maintain physical distancing; and wash your hands frequently.  By following these simple measures, along with the new guidelines from the province, we will be doing our best to limit the spread of this virus.

Follow the Provincial COVID-19 Site for Updates

Please continue to follow the provincial links listed below for the latest updates on COVID-19 in Alberta.

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