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Clarification of a Recent Council Motion

Lac Ste. Anne County seeks to address rumors circulating on social media channels regarding Council's May 17, 2023 motion to initiate planning for a new County Administration Office.

First, the motion was based on our experts’ conclusions that repairing the damage and maintaining the integrity of the building is not feasible. Further, a decision was required, based on advice from legal counsel, to be able to move forward with the lawsuit we initiated in 2019 against the parties responsible for the situation with the building.

Second, the motion was not to start building immediately, but to begin the planning for it.

The current County Administration Office has been fully paid for, and both Council and Administration are hopeful for a resolution of the lawsuit in 2024 that would allow for the construction of a new building with funding from the defendants.

As this matter unfolds, the County will continue to provide updates to the extent legally permissible.

Thank you for understanding.

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