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Animal Control Bylaw

A new animal control bylaw recently came into effect. Animal Control Bylaw 06-2023 regulates and provides controls for animals including dogs within the municipal boundaries of Lac Ste. Anne County.

The County has seen a significant increase in dog complaints in recent years. Concerns including stray dogs, vicious attacks, dogs travelling in packs, and more. Working with dog complaints has taken our Community Peace Officers away from other priorities. By creating this bylaw, we’re striving to ensure a better experience for dog owners and the public.

There are some changes in store for dog owners – including the Dog Licencing Program, a voluntary program that had been in place for years, is now mandatory.

What this means for dog owners:

  • A dog licence is now required for a dog over the age of 6 months.
  • No more than 3 dogs are permitted per household unless the owner has an approved kennel facility.
  • Properties with 30 acres or more are entitled to have up to 3 additional livestock guardian dogs.
  • Owners must obtain a Dog Licence within 15 days of becoming dog owner.
  • Dog Licences are free of charge from the County.

Owning dogs can be a very rewarding experience. This Dog Licencing Program can bring peace of mind in the event that your dog should become lost.

Wondering how to obtain a Dog Licence? Visit a Veterinary Clinic within the County to pick up a Dog Licence Application or visit us online to complete the application. We’ll mail you a dog tag for your pooch upon approval of your application. Please ensure your dog is always wearing the valid dog tag while off your property.

Please visit our Dog Control page for more information and to fill out your Dog Licence Application.

Click Here to review Animal Control Bylaw 06-2023.

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