Preparing for Hail Season and Other Weather Emergencies

With hail season right around the corner, it is a good idea to start familiarizing yourself with the proper procedures to protect you and your property.

Although hail season officially starts in June, we’ve already seen hail in the province this year. Hailstorms can cause significant damage to homes and property. Did you know that last year’s hailstorm in Calgary was the fourth costliest natural disaster of all time in Canada?

To prepare, take these simple steps:

  • Before a thunderstorm, pay attention to local news and weather reports for up to date information on thunderstorm conditions, weather warnings and storm maps
  • Check with your insurance provider every year to ensure your policy is up-to-date and includes the appropriate amount of coverage
  • Clear your gutters and eavestroughs to allow proper drainage
  • Cover outdoor items like barbecues and patio furniture, or store them indoors; park your vehicle in a covered area to prevent damage
  • Immediately take cover when hail begins to fall
  • Keep yourself and your loved ones away from windows, glass doors and skylights
  • If outdoors and there is no shelter close by, crouch down with your face away from the wind. Protect your neck with your hands.

Learn more about how you can prepare for hailstorms by visiting the Alberta website or the Insurance Bureau of Canada website

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