Province Streamlines Canadian Agriculture Partnership Grant Process

The Government of Alberta is streamlining its Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) grant process to make it easier for producers and food manufacturers to access funds. Slated to roll out in the summer of 2021, the Province's nine programs will be organized under three themes: Growth and Value-Added, Farm Efficiency, and Public Trust.

In 2020-21, the CAP program awarded 989 grants that aim to help farmers and businesses grow and innovate. It is estimated that these grants have led to more than $150 million in investment and created more than 750 jobs in the agriculture and agri-food processing sector. Funding for the five-year $406-million partnership remains unchanged.

Agriculture and Agri-Foods Policy Framework Survey

In tandem with the new CAP grant program enhancements, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Devin Dreeshen is asking Alberta producers to fill out an online survey prior to July 2. The survey provides an opportunity for everyone to share their opinions on the policy priorities for Alberta’s agriculture and agri-food industry.


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